Donna, I forwarded your book to groups interested in electrosmog. Thanks for all you do to get the information to those who need it.
Dr Magda Havas

Associate Professor Environmental & Resource Studies, Trent University, Ontario, Canada



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Donna Fisher

The EMF Girl

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Who is Donna Fisher?

International Scientist Appeal on Electromagnetic Fields, Martin Blank, PhD Spokesperson

EMF Projection Project

Biological Interactions with Scalar Energy

Stanford University Medical Center Report

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Generation Zapped

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Mindd International Forum 2017

WIFI + Cell Phones Cause 100% Damage to Human Eggs. (DNA)

Read: EMF's Damaging Your Children's Children

WIFI + Cell Phones Cause 100% Damage to Human Eggs. (DNA)

The Autism Epidemic Is Caused by EMFs, Acting via Calcium Channels and Chemicals Acting via NMDA-Rs

What is EMF ?

The human-made "electromagnetic fields" that emanate from artificial lighting, electrical wiring, electrical equipment/appliances, power lines, substations,  mobile phones, mobile phone towers, RFID, Wi-Fi, TV and radio towers, wireless devices, MRI technology and smart meters.

Radiation from wireless technology affects the blood, the heart, and the autonomic nervous system

Magda Havas | University of California - Berkeley

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LIGHT that HEALS presents ground-breaking DRUG FREE EMF technologies and the conditions they can treat and non-invasive and non-toxic LIGHT treatments that are rejuvenating, healing people and helping many avoid surgery. 

Also introducing the revolutionary 'LIGHT' treatment for cancer

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"Dirty Electricity and Electromagnetic Radiation" by Donna Fisher is an excellent book which pieces together the big picture related to the public health effects of electrical pollution and transmitted radiofrequency radiation (from wireless technology). It is well worth reading.

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Dear Donna, I just wanted to pass on a feedback about your book, that I just received from the translator, who is usually a rather calm person and just does her work. But she just wrote me, that she read your whole book now and has very high respect for you, because it is so thoroughly researched. Just thought, you'd like ... Read more

Hi Donna,

Thanks for writing Dirty Electricity....Dena from dirtyelectricityusa sent it to me. I've loaned it to another alternative doc friend of mine and look forward to getting it back just to re-read a few things. Once again thanks for the all the effort in writing this great book.

Sincerely, Charles Hough, DC

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"One of the most important, valuable and compelling books I have read. It really may save your life."
Dr Ross Walker
Eminent Cardiologist, Health Ambassador for Asteron Life Insurance, best-selling author and regarded as one of the world's best keynote speakers.

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Thank you for this, dear Donna Fisher. I will immediately send the information around! With my very best regards

Yours sincerely Olle Johansson Phd
Associate Professor of the Experimental Dermatology Unit Department of Neuroscience Karolinska Institute 171 77 Stockholm Sweden
Professor of The Royal Institute of Technology 100 44 Stockholm Sweden

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Donna, I forwarded your book to groups interested in electrosmog. Thanks for all you do to get the information to those who need it.
Dr Magda Havas

Associate Professor Environmental & Resource Studies, Trent University, Ontario, Canada

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I have been an EMF consultant for 5 years and you have written the best and most informative I have ever seen on this topic...

Please send me a carton of 56 MORE SILENT FIELDS so the people over here in Canada who are suffering can have their concerns validated".

Male, Canada

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Hi Donna

Thank you for your gift copy of Silent Fields (the sequel). I read it during the week and it is quite possibly the most valuable gift I have ever received. I have placed an order for your first book for the extra information. Knowledge is power. Have been spreading the word. Once again Donna, thank you ... Read more


"EMF damages and causes mutations in DNA, and makes it difficult for the body to heal itself... Mutations in DNA are believed to be the initiating steps in the development of cancers... ALL EMF is BIOACTIVE... Symptoms of EMF exposure resemble premature aging.."

 It is estimated by 2017, 50% of the population of the industrialized world will experience debilitating symptoms from EMF exposure from mild to extreme.

The Autism epidemic is caused by EMF, acting via calcium channels and chemicals acting via NMDA-Rs by Professor Martin Pall recipient of a Global Discovery Award 2013 for his work on this. See the video above.


Are you sick from EMF ?      

      EMF is a Cancer Causing Agent

WiFi banned in childcares in France and Israel