RF EMF is a Known Cancer-Causing Agent

RF EMF comes from:


Artificial lighting, electrical wiring, electrical equipment/appliances, powerlines,
substations, transformers, mobile phones, mobile phone towers,
RFID, Wi-Fi, TV and radio towers, wireless devices,
smart meters, and other common sources…

Exposure to Cigarette Smoking and Asbestos are now classed as a Class 1 - Known Carcinogen –


not all people have been exposed to asbestos and not everyone chooses to smoke.

We are all virtually exposed to RF EMF all day and all night


it is now known that our exposure to EMF is the underlying menace
as to why there are so many diseases, conditions and cancer.


Find below the unprecedented statement by the leading scientists in the world,
who have dedicated their careers and lives to ensure,
the citizens of the world are taking measures to lessen their exposure to EMF


Joint Statement    - January 30, 2015


We - the undersigned organizations, doctors, and scientists -wholeheartedly support the scientific findings of a connection between cancer and RF EMF radiation. For the sanctity of human life, especially our children, we respectfully request that:

•    WHO/IARC immediately conducts the appropriate scientific review within IARC to move RF EMF radiation from its current Class 2B (possible) to Class 1, Known Carcinogen based on review of the complete scientific database.

•    As is the policy of the WHO with Smoking/Cancer related issues, we respectfully request that the WHO and IARC not permit any conflicts of interests amongst the scientists, doctors, policy making/administrating officials, or anyone serving in any other capacity determining classifications of carcinogenicity and policy decisions regarding EMF and Cancer.

•    Specifically we respectfully request that any scientist, doctor, policy making/administrating official, or anyone serving in any capacity in WHO and IARC not receive now or in the near future any monetary compensation from the wireless industry or any company that produces products that emit or receive RF radiation or benefit from such products or companies – in the form of research grants, consulting fees or any other form of compensation including payments to any relative of the scientist or colleague in close association.

We respectfully request that these conflicts be vehemently policed and monitored to maintain the integrity of the classifications, assure absolute transparency and ensure safety of the public.


View the research document: Hardell-Carlberg-Rev-Environ-Health-2013.pdf

View Correspondence to Donna from Professor Hardell