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Active EMF Protection from Blushield Technology

In today’s world, it’s not surprising how is surrounded by wireless and ‘smart’ devices: the rollout of 5G, coupled with the existence of Wi-Fi, cordless phones, wireless baby monitors, tablets, smartphones, computers/laptops, phone towers and routers, smart meters, and smart appliances, are just some of the innovations people are enjoying everyday. While they do make our lives much more convenient than it used to, all this technology is using vast amounts of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and radio frequencies (RF) that emit microwave radiation.

This is why it is essential to use active EMF protection using “natural” frequencies that are in harmony with the body’s natural fields. Just as EMF can affect the cells in the human body, Blushield technology can offer adequate protection using crystal photonics to generate scalar energy.

What is Scalar Energy?

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), the father of generated electricity, accidentally discovered scalar energy in his laboratory in 1899, calling it ‘radiant energy.’ Tesla experimented with this energy for therapeutic purposes up until his death. In his honor, the ‘scalar wave’ would eventually be known as the “Tesla wave.” Tesla was aware of the dangers of X-ray radiation and also planned to harness scalar energy.  Physicist Albert Einstein (1879-1955) is documented to have studied the practical applications of scalar energy.

Just recently, German physicist Konstantin Meyl discovered that the human body works with scalar waves. DNA transports information and energy with magnetic scalar waves, the nervous system transports scalar waves, and bio-resonance medicine uses scalar waves. Thus, scalar waves are responsible for sending and receiving pair-stored information of the genetic code in human DNA. The human body also uses scalar energy to improve the body’s ability to repair itself.

Scalar energy and humankind have evolved together.  The human body, however, cannot identify what electromagnetic frequency and radiofrequency is because they are alien to our bodies. Thus, overexposure to microwave radiation can cause damage to human cells and DNA, which can lead to adverse health effects and even cancer.

EMF protection using Blushield scalar wave technology can assist the body to maintain balance.

To learn more about EMF protection and Blushield scalar energy products, visit the website of Donna Fisher at https://donnafisher.net/.