radiation and high frequency spectrum
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The new 5G technology for Wi-Fi (technically, 5GHz) will utilise higher-frequency MMW (millimetre wave) bands between 30GHz and 300GHz in frequency. This gives off the same dose of radiation from airport scanners or around ten microwave ovens. 5G will mean more signals carrying more radiation through the high-frequency spectrum. This will also mean more transmitters located closer to homes and workplaces because a lot more antennae are needed since 5G has a lesser range than the present 2.4GHz.

Skin Health Hazard

Many articles are already revealing the health hazards of 5G to the human body such as damage to DNA and cell metabolism, disruption of brain metabolism, and 5G as a carcinogen to cancer, one health hazard that is just coming out is the danger to human skin.

The dermis and epidermis layers absorb over 90% of the EMF’s microwave radiation. The human skin acts as an absorbing sponge for low-level radiation. This is even made worse with 5G and MMW.

Sweat ducts in the skin’s upper layer act like antennae. These “specialised antennae” respond quickly to electromagnetic frequency. With millions of sweat ducts and 5G’s increased radiation, the human body now becomes far more conducive to radiation.

Other Hazards

In many studies conducted all over the world, one by the US National Toxicology Program and another by the Medical Research Institute of Kanazawa Medical University, tumours developed in the brain and heart of animals, particularly rats and rabbits. 60GHZ antennas can cause thermal eye injury, damage to the immune system and cell growth rate, and bacterial resistance in animals.

In other studies, 5G EMF radiation can cause necrosis and cell damage in plants, particularly food bearing plants such as wheat and fruit trees. Microwave radiation has been traced as the cause of the decline of bee populations and the demise of whole colonies.

What Can Be Done?

Research to understand EMFs and EMF protection. Check out articles and videos from well-articulated well-researched authors such as Donna Fisher (https://www.donnafisher.net/). There are tons of great information in that single website alone.

Attempt to limit one’s exposure, such as using headsets or speaker mode when talking on a mobile phone.

If it is not needed in homes or offices, don’t buy ‘smart’ appliances and don’t use a smart metre at home.

Get proper EMF protection with a good patented product like Blushield that neutralises the harmful effects of electromagnetic frequency radiation.Lastly, you can spread the word by sharing this article or inviting others to visit https://www.donnafisher.net/ for more information and to check out the Blueshield EMF protection.