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Many people in industrialized countries like Australia and many parts of Asia are eagerly awaiting the eventual rollout and full implementation of 5G.

In contrast, radiofrequency and EMF experts are sending out warnings that not all technology is safe, particularly with 5G.

5G is the 5th generation of wireless networks and is much faster compared to 4G. 5G is supposed to deliver ultra-fast internet speeds with lightning-quick connectivity, transforming almost the entire world into a smart one with unlimited potential.

But according to Professor Dariusz Leszczynski, one of the world’s leading experts on radio frequency and EMF emissions, more research into its long-term health risks is needed before the deployment of 5G because all reports stating that 5G is safe is based on “assumptions” rather than concrete proof.

Prof. Leszczynski is one of 30 experts who are part of the International Agency for Research on Cancer and the World Health Organisation evaluation group that classified all radiofrequency and EMF emissions as potential carcinogens, including 5G.

Since the IARC classification that took place in Lyons, France, in 2011, there have been a few published studies that revealed more evidence that wireless radiation is quite possibly carcinogenic.

In one of his lectures in Queensland, Prof. Leszczynski stated that “5G’s millimeter-waves, which are very much similar to 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, were not tested for their impact on human health before deployment. Permission to deploy wireless technologies was, and remains, based solely on an assumption that the low power emitted by these devices will not have an effect on human health. 5G’s millimeter-waves were never tested for human health and there are only a very limited number of studies on its biological effects. In practice, we do not know what the health effects of long-term and close proximity exposures might be.”

Today, it is of grave importance to have some form of active Blueshield EMF protection. This is where Blushield technology comes in.

Blushield plug-ins, or any of its portable devices, emits frequencies inside the human responsive range for a few seconds every half a minute that acts as a Blueshield EMF coherent field that the body positively responds to. This EMF protection is called “sympathetic resonance.” This is because the body’s natural cells are designed to respond to natural frequencies rather than man-made signals emitted by wireless frequencies.

Since it is impossible to get rid of technology because humankind is overly dependent on electricity and devices for work and living, Blueshield EMF protection scalar wave technology ensures that people can still use modern technology without fear of radiation exposure that can lead to negative health effects. Blushield technology can protect the body’s cells using generated scalar fields that result in effective EMF protection and significantly reduced EMF radiation.   If you want to learn more about EMF and how to protect yourself using proven EMF protection technology, visit Donna Fisher at her website, After all, Donna Fisher, well-known author of EMF books, recommends living and working in a ‘bluzone’ while surrounded by a Blushield coherent field environment.