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Is it fair to say that this unseen toxin is negatively affecting your health and that of your family? With the new 5G network upon us, the growing concerns of the effects of these harmful frequencies are definitely understandable.

This blog post aims to tell you everything you need to know, as well as several other tips you may find useful.

One of Tesla’s biggest contributions is his awareness of just how powerful the alternating current he created was. This current was simply too strong for the human energy field to oppose.

Being the inventor of such phenomena as X-rays, Gamma rays, and Microwave among others, Nikola Tesla is without a doubt, one of the world’s greatest inventors the world has ever seen.

emf protection

Knowing this, Tesla left the scientific community with this reminder:

“The Alternating Current I have invented will prove to be the most dangerous thing on earth and I must find an alternative.”

Unfortunately, this warning wasn’t given much weight, giving birth to what is now called the EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) which are high-frequency waves made of magnetic and electrical energy.

With the dawn of wireless technology, the effects of these types of energy have now been amplified to greater levels.

Primary Sources

EMR comes from various sources and you probably experience them often without knowing that you did. It’s not surprising how people who live near high tension power lines often experience fatigue, nausea, dizziness and stress.

emf protection

If you’ve ever parked your car under high tension power lines, you’ve probably noticed static electricity builds up in the car too.

EMR originates from various power sources like power lines, radio and TV towers, wireless phones, and even microwave ovens.

They can also come from underground waterways since they can easily pick up EMR that goes through these power lines and other similar sources.

The Thing with Smart Meters

Contrary to claims that Smart Meters are generally safe, this may not be entirely true considering the health complaints against it. Not everyone is aware that these smart meters are notorious for emitting microwave frequencies. To make matters worse, these meters are often installed near our homes.

A report by nuclear policy expert Daniel Hirsch revealed that they give off 160 times more exposure than the ordinary cell phones, making them a hazard we should all be very careful of.

If you want to learn more about the harmful effects of smart meters, this website should serve as good reference. In addition, this website also provide some useful solutions you may find handy.

Harmful Effects

It’s essential for us to know how delicate and sensitive our bodies are when it comes to electrical systems because they are easily affected by electromagnetic frequencies we come in contact with everyday.

Unfortunately, most of us ignore this fact because we’re all under the impression that these frequencies magically come into our gadgets without touching us. This kind of mindset needs to change because various research have shown that they negatively impact humans, the younger generation in particular.

Signs and Symptoms of EMR stress

Whether you believe it or not, EMR stress is real.  It is usually characterized by chronic fatigue, loss of strength, sleep difficulties, irritability, and muscle and joint pain among others.

Serious, long-term illnesses as well as a couple of psychological conditions have also been attributed to EMR stress perhaps because of its disruptive effect on our energy field and the oxidative stress that it gathers.


As a practicing naturopath, I used live blood microscopy to examine certain health factors through the activity that’s happening in the blood as well as the cell quality.

Using this method, I tested my own blood and discovered that it was often sticky and showed high levels of oxidative stress, even if I was in top shape.

Sitting in front of a computer for hours created oxidative stress in my body and It was only later when I started using a Tesla electron stabilizer (an EMR protection device) that I noticed that it wasn’t happening anymore.

This discovery opened my eyes to the harmful effects of EMR and how we can protect ourselves through specific devices like the ones created by Tesla.  Blushield has since adapted the same Tesla technology by creating its very own devices that are deemed both effective and affordable.

To help you better understand, here’s a video that provides a clear overview on how these devices can help.

You can also check out our ‘What else can we do?’  section below for more information on how you can buy them.

We’re also giving you this short video that shows the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the blood which is inflammatory in nature and can cause the blood to become sticky because the blood cells aren’t able to pass through the capillaries easily, lowering the oxygenation levels in the process.

An increase in oxidative stress is also expected with chronic exposure, something toxicity exposure can do to the body as well.

There’s no doubt that these factors can contribute to just about every chronic disease in the long term.

To know more about oxidative stress click here

The most powerful way to stop oxidative stress, meanwhile, is through nrf2 activation which we will discuss next.

Everything you need to know about Nrf2 Activation

So, how does EMF affect our cells, anyway?  Here are the ways:

1. Obviously, EMF creates tremendous levels of oxidative stress throughout the body entire body as previously discussed.

2. Too much exposure to EMF also causes calcium signaling in the cells, creating uncontrolled amounts of nitric oxide, intracellular calcium, & superoxide production to name a few. When there’s a shortage in an important cellular enzyme called SOD, it results in peroxynitrite which is an extremely potent oxidant stressor that can severely damage the mitochondria and lead to mitochondria disfunction.

3. EMF can also lead to DNA damage. It is worth noting that most cancers are caused by cell genome damage. Genetic information isn’t just for passing traits down to future generations like most of us have been accustomed to. It is also frequently accessed to maintain the body’s optimal functions, as its response to the environment.

Our herbal Nrf2 activator:

🌿 Lowers oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days (US study) in the average mammal.

🌿 Adjusts the harmful effects of too much calcium signalling through:

– Nrf2 is an important factor in calcium metabolism & homeostasis

– Nrf2 stimulates SOD (super-oxide dismutase) production by 54% in the first month, then up to 300%. When there is no shortage in SOD, the harmful peroxynitrite is broken down into harmless hydrogen peroxide.

🌿 Enables the transcription of over 500 genes in the human genome, a majority of which have cellular protective functions. 

🌿 Makes mitochondrial function better & stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis (the additional of Nrf1 Synergiser will enhance this).

Finally we have a REMARKABLE way of protecting our precious cells

The key is proactive prevention

The Electro-Magnetic Human Body

This may come as a surprise but it has been scientifically proven that we are electro-magnetic.  Here’s why.

The mineralized water found in the human body is a very good electrical energy conductor. Since we are generally electromagnetic beings, it is only logical to consider the potential bio-electrical effects one may experience due to exposure to these dangerous frequencies.

As human beings, we’re are excellent conductors of electrical frequencies and this can easily be demonstrated through a simple exercise.

Try unplugging your TV from the antenna then use yourself to connect the two.  More often than not, you’ll be surprised to see the reception improve because you efficiently replaced the wire!

The point in all this is that we can absorb and conduct these frequencies and it will keep us vibrating at a less healthy body frequency which can lead to chronic and terminal diseases because of our inability to maintain a healthy state of being.

Our Children

There’s no question that a baby’s developing nervous and endocrine system are very sensitive and prone to various problems.  Knowing how delicate their body functions are, turning off the wi-fi at night is ideal because EMF is also known as a sleep disruptor.

‘Children experience difficulty sleeping as well as irritability which are some of the common initial signs. Research has shown that EMR exposure and reduced melatonin production, which is also known as the sleep hormone, are connected. It has also been revealed that with high exposure, children are likely to develop neurological disorders within the first 2 years, with some even linking the rise of autism to EMR.’

The Science

Did you know that the National Toxicology Program discovered a significant increase in brain cancers due to exposure to mobile phone frequencies?

It was because of this discovery that 220 scientists who had published in journals from 41 nations signed the International Scientists Appeal warning people of the potential hazards that can come from mobile phones, Wi-Fi, ‘smart’ meter, and other devices like baby monitors just to name a few.

The BioInitiative report which was updated in 2012, also contains around 2000 papers reviewed by 29 scientists from over 20 countries, all referring to the health and environmental impact of electromagnetic fields.

It was noted in these reports that the continued development of wireless technology puts global health in jeopardy. As a precaution, the same scientists recommended stricter biological standards, lower exposure limits, and a more careful science-based approach.

The World Health Organization (WHO) categorizes wireless radiation as a 2B carcinogen based on the various research conducted that links mobile phone radiation to the development of brain tumors.

For those of you who may not be aware, brain tumors are the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in children whose age range between 0-14.  It’s a legitimate concern that we can’t afford to ignore.

The Year of 5G

Technological advancement has been nearly unstoppable as the years go by.  It was only in 2015 when 4G was introduced to the world. Fast-forward to 2019, we are now looking at the dawn of the Fifth Generation of wireless network – 5G, whose implementation is now underway. 

If we follow the same logic discussed about wireless technology, does it make sense to think that the potential effects of 5G may be even worse compared to that of 3G? 

The obvious answer is yes, and this is due to the following reasons:

❗️5G antennas are expected to be installed on sidewalks, relatively closer to people instead of being on private properties that are far away from people.

❗️Each 5G antenna are expected to emit beams equivalent to tens of thousands of watts of millimeter wave radiation instead of giving off just hundreds of watts of microwave radiation

❗️Expect nature to be less protected with 20,000 5G satellites hanging in low orbit that can potentially irradiate every part of the globe.

With the support of their respective governments, telecommunications companies from all over the world are expected to deliver what is being dubbed as an unprecedented societal change that is set to be implemented on a global scale.

By then we will experience the convenience of “smart” homes, businesses, highways, and yes, even self-driving cars but at what cost?

Though such innovations bring a bunch of benefits to the table, what is not widely acknowledged is that such inventions will also result in an environmental change whose potential impact is on a global scale. The evidence that shows the harmfulness of radiofrequency is already overwhelming despite the constant denial.  

You’ve probably seen the movie ‘Wall-E’ and was left in awe by the powerful message it imparts, not to mention the eerie similarities it has with our current situation where profits and greed reign supreme.

The signs are everywhere if you think about it.  Evidence of damage to DNA, cells and organ systems in plants and animals, evidence linking major diseases  like cancer, heart disease and diabetes to electromagnetic pollution, it’s not surprising how over 10,000 peer-reviewed studies have come to light.


With this alarming development, Cell Phone Task Force have launched an International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space, which will be presented to the WHO once they have gathered enough signatures.

We encourage you to donate here if you please, or sign the petition if possible. It’s worth noting that these people are doing everything they can to stand up for us, our human rights & for the planet as a whole.


As 5G now upon us, it makes perfect sense to say that we will no longer be able to walk out of our front doors without being fried. You have to remember that our bodies were not designed to handle the level of stress 5G brings.

While our cells are literally being hijacked on a daily basis, there aren’t enough fruits and vegetables you can take to fight this stress.

Since my early days of practice a couple of years ago, the Nrf2 Activation stands out as the most effective antidote and cellular protection, at least in my book.

Protect Your Family from EMR & 5G

If what you’ve read so far has gotten you worried, below are a couple of helpful things you can do:

Buy EMF protection

Purchasing device protection like Blushield would be a good option. Here’s an additional video that will help you better understand how these devices work so you can decide which one works best for you.

The best way to begin is through the Tesla Gold Series Home Pack which is particularly useful for most households.

We went out of our way to arrange this special offer for you, our valued customers.You can place your order HERE and provide the coupon code TRUEHEALING, so you can receive a complimentary Mono Airtube, for your mobile phone which is currently priced at $35 .

blushield emf

    We also recommend these Personal Protection devices that are designed to fit into your pockets & wallets as well. These devices are best used I for additional protection especially while you’re sitting in front of your computer and enjoying hours of Wi-fi connection.
    You can also slip these devices under your child’s sheets at night for added, all-night protection.
    Single device shield tags are also available for our mobile phones though their strength has since become questionable when pitted against the average smartphone as well as the new 5G network. They good news is that they come in handy for your mobile phones, tablets, and baby monitors, and definitely much better than no protection at all.
    These are especially good for those who are on a budget. They are flat stick-ons that can easily fit under mobile phone cases making them a convenient choice.
  2. Smart meters
    When it comes to dealing with smart meters, you really have only two choices. Either you completely remove them from your property or use an effective EMF protection device for exclusively for your home like the Blushield Extreme though this will not necessarily block the harmful effects completely.
    If you’re looking for a better option, consider purchasing a Radiation guard designed for Smart Meters instead.
  3. Mobile exposure
    One of the measures you can do to protect yourself from mobile exposure is to avoid putting your mobile phone inside your pocket. Keeping yourself from speaking on it when the signal is weak will also go a long way in keeping radiation at minimum.
    As for the kids, you can allow them to play with mobile phones and tablets as long as they are set in flight mode.
  4. Microwaves
    If it can be avoided, try not to useI microwave ovens near infants and kids. Try not to use them in reheating food and drinks especially if the recipients of such are babies or children.
  5. Children’s beds and cots
    Another effective way of protecting your family is by keeping children’s beds and cots away from radiation-emitting stuff like wireless devices, water heaters cordless phones, and breaker boxes among others.
  6. Baby monitors
    Baby monitors are helpful, no doubt about it, but their placement around the baby is what really matters. Try not to hang them above the baby as much as possible and put somewhere on the other side of the room from where the baby sleeps instead.
  7. Avoid Night time exposure
    Some of us don’t pay much attention to this but night time exposure can become a factor when it comes to radiation exposure. If you’re not going to use them anymore, turn off computers, modems, and wi-fi connections before you sleep instead of leaving them on all night long.
    The same goes for electric blankets. Make sure to turn them completely off before hitting the sack.
  8. Interesting possibilities

    Shungite & Orgonite
    Shungite & Orgonite are special minerals that can help minimize the harmful frequencies and readjust energy fields. Though they are not capable of completely blocking these frequencies, some people still find them effective.

    RF Shielding Paint
    Frequency protection doesn’t only come in physical objects and gadgets. They also come in paint form!
    Yes, such products do exist and you can buy them in different types like Bed Canopies, and EMF Protection Fabric for the windows, and clothing.
    These products are capable of blocking the frequencies, making them absolute must-haves as more 5G towers continue to go up.

    Wearing yellow
    Now, this may sound ridiculous but it’s a known fact that the color yellow is effective in fighting radiation. Don’t be surprised to see people painting their houses yellow then painting their desired color on top of it immediately after because this method has proven to be effective in keeping radiation at minimum if not completely blocked.

    Lining hats with tin foil
    Yes, you read it right. You can even get an EMF Protection Cap if you need more protection!
    While this sounds like nothing more than a myth, a lot of us are going to find them useful when the time comes so keep an open mind!
  9. Self-care
    You can have all the gadgets and other types of protection you need but in the end, self-care will always be essential. Go on a healthy diet, protect your cells with herbs like Nrf2 Activation, spend more time with nature, and regularly go on morning beach walks.
    Enjoying afternoon baths with Miracle 11 soap is also something you should definitely try since its mineral content discharges the disharmonic ions in your energy field.
  10. Keep yourself hydrated
    It’s also important to be particularly mindful of all these recommendations especially during pregnancy.
    For people who are not particularly sensitive or for those who live near a tower, it may be worth hiring an EMF consultant who can help check things out and minimize EMF for your family’s protection. You can also buy an EMF Test Meter so you can do the testing yourself. Just remember that these units will only measure lower frequency and will not cover 5G. Be that as it may, these meters are still considered useful to some extent.
    EMR Australia also hires out EMF testing units and provide consultation services which can be very helpful in certain situations. A lot of people immediately feel the difference after such services have been rendered.

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