EMF protection
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Going wireless has its apparent advantages. However, going wireless comes at a cost. That cost is the constant exposure to radiofrequency and electromagnetic frequency radiation that wireless devices emit. This is the kind of emission that needs EMF protection for humans.

In just a decade or even less, wireless devices have taken over the marketplace to largely supplant wired and networked devices. More wireless gadgets now are being sold than wired gadgets, more mobile phones are going wireless, and most computers now come with wireless capacity. Many electrical appliances and metres now are going wireless as well.

EMF Radiation Everywhere

Imagine you and your family living and sleeping in overlapping pools of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation emanating from several laptops, mobile phones, Wi-Fi modems, cordless phones, and other gadgets connected through IoT (Internet of Things).

Imagine living near, or just passing by, a cell phone tower on a daily basis.

At work, your office floor, and several floors, are flooded by overlapping waves of Wi-Fi modems and other IoT gadgets, not to mention that each employee has one or two mobile phones.

EMF Radiation is a Carcinogen

At present, there have been more or less 20,000 scientific and medical studies that have been conducted on the short and long-term effects of EMF radiation and their adverse impact on human health. In fact, as early as 2011, the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) released its study classifying EMF radiation as a Class 2B carcinogen (possibly carcinogenic to humans).

In June this year, the IARC decided to release a new study on EMF radiation with more evidence discovered about EMFs carcinogenicity.  

The IARC’s conclusions were influenced by evidence that mobile phone use is linked to the risk of brain tumours. But since there are now more wireless devices used at home, the evidence on EMF radiation also links it to other long-term adverse health effects like certain cancers, cell mutations, and cell destruction.

EMF Radiation Protection

One of the best solutions at home is to revert to wired internet networks, especially for laptops, tablets, and other devices to lessen EMF fields. The same should be done for offices.

The questioning of the safety of wireless computer networks in schools has led some schools in Canada, France, and England to remove Wi-Fi from classrooms and revert to wired networks.

However, many will still argue that it’s expensive to use wired networks, especially if it covers a large area.

So, aside from reverting to a wired network, one of the best solutions to protect against EMF radiation is to use Blushield Technology. Blushield offers the best EMF protection because of its use of natural scalar wave energies that is compatible with the human body’s cells and functions. To learn more about the proper protection needed from Blushield technology in the fight against EMF radiation, visit the website of Donna Fisher at https://donnafisher.net/.