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Yes, technology is rolling forward, and soon, 5G technology will cover most of continental North America, Europe, some parts of Asia and Australia. However, most people have no idea how dangerous 5G can be, or the harmful effects of having a 5G Wi-Fi router in a house can be.

In a nutshell, 5GHz Wi-Fi routers are more harmful than the present standard 2.45GHz models because the former emits twice the frequency of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) or radiofrequency (RF), and with more intensity. A 2.45GHz model emits the same frequency as that of a microwave oven, so, the higher the frequency, the higher the radiation dosage. A 5G router operates between 24GHz and 90GHz.

More Dangerous Than a Mobile Phone

Yes, the radiation from any Wi-Fi router – most notably with the new 5G models – is far more dangerous than radiation coming from a mobile phone. The answer is in the constancy. Radiation from a standard smartphone is intermittent, meaning that it only puts out radiation when it sends or receives a call or uses a Wi-Fi signal. On the other hand, a Wi-Fi router is always sending out radiation full blast so long as it is turned on.

So, imagine if the router is turned on in a house or office 24 hours, 7 days a week, that’s full blast EMF radiation 24/7.

You Can Beat the Radiation and Still Have Internet

It’s unrealistic to get rid of internet technology because it is needed at work and in homes. So, there are actually two ways to beat the radiation and still have internet.

1. Hardwire the house or office using LAN, so all you need is to plug your computer to the internet. LAN networks emit very little if any EMF radiation at all.

2. In situations wherein a home or office needs to have Wi-Fi because it’s not practical to have a LAN network, the alternative is to use Blushield EMF protection technology.

Blushield technology stops the body, when adequately protected, responding to  EMF or RF radiation by using a coherent field that overrides all ambient EMF pulsations. The Blushield EMF protection device is a subtle energy device that utilises a pulse/pause cycle, unlike EMF that burdens the body with a continually pulsing frequency.

Blushield technology is a scalar field that uses a natural pulse/pause cycle of 3 seconds, followed by approximately 30 seconds of non-pulsation. Thus, the body simply absorbs and utilises the natural frequency of Blushield, which is in harmony with the body’s physiological and psychological balance.

Blushield EMF protection technology is independently verified by an independent laboratory as well as backed up by numerous legitimate studies on the dangers of electromagnetic frequency. To learn more about EMF and Blushield protective products, visit Donna Fisher at her website, https://donnafisher.net/.