EMF protection
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On the internet alone, there is a massive collection of information about scientific studies and literature about the effects caused by microwave frequency and EMF exposure. For instance, in a compilation of studies done by Martin L. Pall, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University, electromagnetic frequency (EMF) can:

1. Cause damage to the body’s nervous system and brain, leading to neurological effects and other negative ill-effects.

2. Cause damage to the body’s endocrine or hormonal systems.

(Note about 1 and 2: What differentiates humans from single-celled creatures is the nervous system and endocrine system. Damage to one may cause considerable disruption to the body; damage to both may cause irreparable harm; thus, these findings should not be ignored.)

3. Damage-free radicals and produce oxidative stress, a precursor to chronic diseases.

4. Cause damage to the body’s DNA cells, producing single-strand and about breaks in cellular DNA as well as producing mutations of germ cells, all precursors to producing cancer cells.

5. Cause rising levels of programmed cell deaths or apoptosis, the cause of degenerative diseases and infertility.

6. Lower male and female fertility, lower sex hormones, and lower libido.

7. Cause excessive production of intracellular calcium.

8. Damage cells in the body that can lead to certain types of cancer.

In some of these studies, of alarming note is that sperm counts have dropped by more than 50% in technologically advanced countries that continuously use EMF. If this has been happening in the last five years alone with the present setup of Wi-Fi, cellphone towers, etc., the widespread installation and use of 4G and 5G without adequate EMF protection will only make the situation worse in terms of health effects.

It is also of importance to realise that the entire web of wireless communication utilises pulsed EMFs. In all studies conducted about the effects of EMF, pulsating EMF is the most biologically active. All wireless communication devices communicate using pulsations, so, the “smarter” the device, the more pulsations are conveyed, the more EMF radiation is spread, and so the need for more EMF protection

In 17 other studies concerning people living within 300 metres (around 1,000 feet) of cellphone towers, it was found that many people are afflicted with six of the eight health effects previously listed above. This means that people living within 300 metres of cellphone towers may be suffering from neuropsychiatric effects, cellular DNA damage, cancer, oxidative stress, increased apoptosis (cell deaths), and extreme hormonal imbalances, necessitating the need for EMF protection.

If you want to learn more, or if you need further reading or documentation about the adverse health effects of 5G exposure, be sure to visit the website of famous author Donna Fisher at her site, https://donnafisher.net/.