1. Why is Blushield the most effective EMF protection?

A mobile phone has a microprocessor, a programmed chip with a signal using microwaves (EMF) and a battery.   It is the microprocessor and battery which enables the mobile phone to be able to make a call from say one suburb to another or from Australia to Alaska. A mobile phone is an ‘active’ device, a highly sophisticated technology which dramatically changed how we communicate. It took many intelligent minds to develop this is amazing technology..

However, mobile phone signals in the MKz range are much stronger than our subtle natural signals. The brain’s frequencies are believed to be up to 50 Hz and microwaves cover the 300 MHz - 300 GHz band. The key frequencies mobile phones use are; 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz. The frequency band starts ranges from Hz to kHz to MHz to GHz to THz. The higher the frequency the more energy. Wi-Fi- for example is 2.45 GHz which is 2,450,000,000 Hz. Mobile phone and Wi-Fi signals are so much stronger and cycling so much quicker than our subtle natural lower brain frequencies.

Blushield products have a microprocessor, a programmed chip with signals using beneficial scalar waves. Blushield devices emit millions of scalar frequencies within the human frequency range for a few seconds every thirty seconds to enable the body to mitigate EMF. Blushield products are ‘active’ devices - the Tesla Gold Plug-in and Tesla Gold Cube are powered by electricity. The Tesla Gold Portable is powered by a rechargeable battery to ensure the body is in a coherent field when away from the stronger field of the Plug-in and Cube. Nature and humans only work with the best technology - scalar waves. It is the unique and highly sophisticated combination of Blushield scalar wave technology utilising crystal photonics, a microprocessor, and power that enables Blushield EMF protection to override EMF. If an EMF protection device does not have this combination then it will not be effective enough. Some may make a small difference in the short-term. It is very irresponsible to let people believe they are covered when they are not.

2. Can I still have a mobile phone against my ear?

Never place a mobile phone against your ear regardless of any attachment you may have purchased. If they truly stopped microwave radiation then the phone would not be able to receive or make a call. According to Russian research it is actually the negative scalar doing the harm which other devices do not address. BLUSHIELD is positive scalar energy and Blushield already has the technology to be placed inside the mobile phones during their manufacturing to properly address the harmful effects. It is my hope that mobile phone companies will find this out. They just need to call Blushield.. EMF experts only recommend Airtubes as the speaker does not sit at the ear. This is why Blushield distributes Airtubes which are available for purchase from

3. What is scalar energy?

Scalar energy has existed since the beginning as scalar energy is the underlying energy of the universe that promotes and sustains life in the universe. When released, it can be used to protect and to heal. Amongst his many achievements, Nikola Tesla is famous for discovering scalar waves as he released scalar energy. Albert Einstein, the most renowned physicist of the 20th century, documented how to apply scalar energy.

4. Is this why Blushield is regarded as 'Active Protection'?


5. How does Blushield override EMF ?

The natural EMF in Nature are weak and the natural EMF in our body are also weak. They also interact with each other, otherwise we would not be able to exist. Electricity and Wi-Fi etc. signals are stronger and foreign EMF, overriding the inherent Human, Nature and essential Human-Nature connection. Undesirable EMF alters the body's electrical system which directs the chemical messaging system in the brain. The brain directs all body processes, and due to undesirable EMF, mental and physical disorders result. As Blushield mimics Nature but much more powerfully, it can override the undesirable EMF signals.

6. Is it correct that exposure to EMF resembles premature aging?

Yes. Symptoms of Rapid Aging Syndrome (RAS) include: poor sleep, confusion, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, anxiety and depression and a host of other symptoms.

7. Why can the body now repair the damage to DNA?

Associate Professor Martin Blank PhD states EMF damages and causes mutations in DNA. Mutations in DNA are believed to be the initiating steps in the development of cancers. A variety of forces, both internal and external, affects the rate at which DNA damage occurs. Blank states EMF is one of these forces.

Our body's DNA being damaged and repaired is a constant process. However, it has been shown by Blank that EMF makes it difficult for the body to heal. Blank, from the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics at Columbia University, states: “Instead of asking epidemiologists, you should ask scientists who study living cells - or better still – the cells themselves, they are more sensitive to EMF than to temperature.”
When in a Blushield field, the EMF force is removed.

8. Should I still avoid exposure to EMF?

Yes, I also take steps to lessen exposure as much as possible as I never assume I am protected even though I believe Blushield offers the best protection today. If another product comes along that is superior I will let you know. The signals used for transmission are millions of times stronger than the natural fields we have evolved in and I encourage people to get into the habit of lessening exposure as much as they can. Be a model for others who do not know about EMF. At the core of Blushield technology is to negate the body's response to undesirable EMF. You want your body to not be responsive to the undesirable EMF and you want Blushield to be the stronger field. On first turning on the Blushield you are instantly in the Blushield field and if you remove the plug-in the field is immediately gone. Also with long-term use of the Blushield your body should become more resilient to the presence of undesirable EMF.

9. Your Personal EMF Tipping Point

No-one knows their own personal EMF tipping point. As EMF is invisible and many people do not have symptoms one can think that EMF is not affecting them but we are ALL electrically sensitive, and some are electrically hypersensitive and more people are reporting effects now further information is available. One person’s EMF tipping point may be in a few weeks and another person’s in a few years. I believe as EMF is the underlying menace then if you remove the EMF factor then it stands to reason that by using an effective EMF protection product then you are assisting in prevention of a symptom or EMF-related condition developing. Purchasing EMF protection today I believe is vital. As much as we can try to lessen exposure to EMF as much as we can, we also need EMF protection as you can’t hide from EMF. A plug-in costs $499. As it has a lifetime guarantee (limited on the rare occasions if there is a huge power surge or lightning goes down the wiring) if you have the plug-in for 10 years it has cost you under $1 a week. Take 20 years and it costs under 0.50 cents a week. 30 years and so on ……….. I suggest not to wait until you reach your EMF tipping point. The consequences to your health and finances can be devastating.

10. Where do I plug in the Tesla plug-in?

Preferably in the middle of the home or workplace.

11. Can I have my portable on my bedside drawer?

The portable is designed to be a purely out & about portable. A plugin is recommended for homes.

12. Will EMF measuring devices still register a number?

Yes, gaussmeters, RF meters etc,, will still register a number as that is what they are designed to measure. The EMF fields still exist so we can communicate and use technology. They will not indicate the actual neutralization of the fields as the Blushield Tesla works at a biological level, the cellular level.

13. Can I still use my electric blanket?

When you go to bed, turn off the electric blanket and pull the plug out of the wall socket. Having the electric blanket still on results in instantaneous heating effects to the body tissue. Caution should always be applied when delivering electrical current to the body, regardless of the technology.

14. Can I still have my iPad or laptop on my lap?


15. Why use AirTubes?

AirTubes are recommended by leading scientists. In using the Blushield AirTube, firstly, you are not heating the tissue on the head. Secondly, it is piped sound to the ear so the microwave signal is not sent to the inner ear.

16. What about a cordless landline phone?

The newer digital type radiate 24/7 and if placed at the ear the heating of the tissue effect applies. Note that the scientific studies that have been done on mobile phones and cordless phones have prompted the leading EMF scientists to call for RF EMF to be raised from an IARC class 2b (possible) carcinogen to a class 1 (known) carcinogen.

17. What is the difference between the STETZERiZER filters and BLUSHIELD technology?

The STETZERiZER filters were the first to scientifically show that removing radio waves has a beneficial effect on people’s health. The STETZERiZER filters were instrumental in Diabetes 3 being determined. However, the STETZERiZER filters address only a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum, the 2 KHz to 150 KHz range, as that band was believed early this century to be the most harmful band to humans. The filters cancel out the radio waves in this frequency range. However, they do not address the higher frequency bands in use by Wi-Fi routers, mobile phones, mobile phone antenna stations, smart meters, wireless baby monitors, digital cordless phones, and other common sources which lie in the MHz and GHz band. Harmful EMF is so much stronger, overriding the natural signals in our bodies. For example, the brain frequencies are currently medically established up to 50Hz and Wi-Fi is 2,450,000,000 Hz. It is now known that all EMF is detrimental to human health. The average house needs approximately 15 filters currently priced at $1140 and workplaces would generally require more filters.

Many people need to be convinced looking at a meter before and after installation and the STETZERiZER system provides this. There are many different meters available for the many different EMFs that surround us. In cases such as workplaces where all of us are working to bring the EMF issue more prominent exposure, the meter and filters suit that purpose as most corporations will work with Occupational Health & Safety officers. Personally, I would like to see in the very near future all Occupational Health and Safety officers equipped with a STETZERiZER meter as Martin Graham and Dave Stetzer who created the system are very well qualified and highly respected. However people must understand that they only address a small frequency band. If the STETZERiZER filters cancelled out all radio waves and microwaves then we would not be able to communicate with our devices.

Blushield works on a different premise where it protects the body from EMF exposure. There is a scalar component in all EMF which is actually doing the harm and as Blushield is positive scalar it cancels out the scalar component that is doing the harm (negative scalar is not quite the correct technical term to use). Blushield is not cancelling out EMF or blocking EMF. Blushield is not cancelling out the radio waves and microwaves. Blushield is able to override all EMF so we can still use our modern-day devices in a safer environment.

18. Is the Blushield Tesla safe to use with computers?

Yes. The device will not erase data as the Blushield is non-magnetic.