‘Scalar energy’, also referred to as ‘scalar waves’ and ‘Tesla waves’ has existed since the beginning. Nature’s fields are scalar fields, scalar waves. The Universe’s matter is organised by information and all living organisms have evolved in this coherent life-promoting energy field that carries the information to sustain and enhance life, a bio-resonant process of orchestrated orderliness that entrains the mind and body to function. It is critical to life and our well-being that the scalar relationship between this life-sustaining energy and us remains intact. Physicist, Professor Konstantin Meyl, hailed as ‘The New Tesla’, likens the brain to a scalar wave computer and states Nature would only work with the best technology - scalar waves.

The brain broadcasts the perceptions of the day to every one of the body’s trillions of cells, so it is critical that our natural scalar signals are not overridden, enabling altered instructions to govern. Also, electrical rhythms which govern all body processes in our brain, can be influenced by external human-made signals with information that can swamp natural electromagnetic cues and result in dysregulation and de-synchronisation of normal biological rhythms that direct growth, development, metabolism and repair mechanisms to maintain health.

Bruce Lipton PhD states cellular technology created us, and in designing the human body, cellular communities developed amazing technologies that were needed to manipulate, regulate and precisely control their environment. Our overall health is determined by the health of every individual cell - tissues and organs can become comprised if our cells function poorly. Our cells are cooperative and coherent systems, as is scalar energy.

The genius Nikola Tesla released scalar waves in 1899 and the brilliant renowned physicist Albert Einstein documented how these waves could be practically applied. Today, scalar waves are already being used in communications and medical applications. Eventually, scalar wave technologies that do not harm will become a part of our way of living, replacing the radio waves and microwaves now currently in use.

Rather than being victims of our genes, epigenetic science reveals, that by controlling our environment, we have the power to control our biology and become masters of our fate… we are also destined to use technology to ensure our survival.

Bruce Lipton PhD, Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future (And A Way to Get There from Here)