Blushield FAQs

A mobile phone has a microprocessor, a programmed chip with a signal using microwaves (EMF) circuitry and a battery. It is the microprocessor and battery which enables the mobile phone to be able to make a call from say one suburb to another or from Australia to Alaska. A mobile phone is an ‘active’ device, a highly sophisticated technology which dramatically changed how we communicate. It took many intelligent minds to develop this is amazing technology.

However, mobile phone signals in the MKz range are much more complex than our subtle natural signals. The brain’s frequencies are believed to be up to 50 Hz and microwaves cover the 300 MHz - 300 GHz band. The key frequencies mobile phones use are; 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz. The frequency band starts ranges from Hz to kHz to MHz to GHz to THz. The higher the frequency the more energy. Wi-Fi- for example is 2.45 GHz which is 2,450,000,000 Hz.

Blushield products have a microprocessor, a programmed chip with signals, circuitry, are powered, yet use scalar waves. Blushield devices emit millions of frequencies within the human frequency range for a few seconds every thirty seconds to enable the body to mitigate EMF. Blushield products are ‘active’ devices - the Tesla Gold Plug-in and Tesla Gold Cube are powered by electricity. The Tesla Gold Portables are powered by a battery to ensure the body is in a coherent field when away from the stronger field of the Plug-in, Cube and Ultra models. Nature and humans would only work with the best technology - scalar waves. It is the unique and highly sophisticated combination of Blushield scalar wave technology utilising crystal photonics, a microprocessor, and power that enables Blushield EMF protection to be able override EMF. If an EMF protection device does not have this combination then it cannot be effective enough. Some may make a small difference in the short-term. It is very irresponsible to let people believe they are covered when they are not.


Never place a mobile phone against your ear regardless of any attachment you may have purchased. If they truly stopped microwave radiation then the phone would not be able to receive or make a call. According to Russian research and now acknowledged by western EMF experts, it is actually the scalar 'information' component doing the harm which other devices do not address. BLUSHIELD emits life-supporting 'information' and Blushield already has the technology to be placed inside the mobile phones during their manufacturing to properly address the harmful effects. It is my hope that mobile phone companies will incorporate Blushield technology into their technology. EMF experts only recommend Airtubes as the speaker does not sit at the ear. This is why Blushield distributes Airtubes which are available for purchase from