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who is the best-selling author Donna Fisher?

Donna is the author of 4 books on EMF: Silent Fields: The Growing Cancer Cluster Story (2008); More Silent Fields: Cancer and the Dirty Electricity Plague (2009); Dirty Electricity and Electromagnetic Radiation: Understanding Electromagnetic Radiation (2011) and Light that Heals: Energy Medicine Today & Beyond (2014)

Forty years ahead - Light Years Ahead

Erin Brockovich exposed toxic water in a small town
Dr Jeffrey Wigand exposed toxic cigarettes – not everyone smokes
Donna Fisher exposed toxic EMF which is everywhere – WE are ALL affected

In 1999 the state power company Energex in Queensland submitted an application to place two substations across the road from where Donna and her family lived. After placing a letter concerned it was hazardous for the people and Logan City Council agreeing, Energex threw Donna into a 10-day court case in 2001 where in the capacity of QC she represented the people. After battling bureaucracy and red-tape and a politician telling her to “Get back in the kitchen” Donna created a WORLD-FIRST for the people. On the final day of the court case, the QC for Energex, Peter Lyons asked Donna “Do you think the people of Australia will ever realise what you have done for them?” Since then Donna has been assisting women in workplace breast cancer clusters and educating therapists and doctors – MINDD FORUM 2016 and BIOBALANCE Conference 2016 - and the public on the serious public health issue of EMF. Donna also lectured on dirty electricity (radiowaves running along all electrical wiring) on behalf of the world’s top poor power quality expert Mr Dave Stetzer in Chicago, USA.

In 2014 Donna was advised by a severe EHS sufferer that being severely debilitated by EMF for many years and after spending thousands of dollars she tried Blushield and it turned her life around. She actually stated Blushield was a ‘miracle’. Blushield is designed in New Zealand and Donna - who still advocates strongly to also lessen exposure - uses and recommends Blushield EMF Protection as we have passed the point of just being able to lessen exposure from EMF. Donna believes Blushield is the most effective EMF protection product available today. If another EMF protection product is made available that is superior Donna will use and recommend it.  Blushield products have been approved by the MINDD Foundation Board so Blushield therefore partners with them.

Donna is part of the Australasian contingent of the EMF PROTECTION PROJECT. In August 2018, Donna finally had an appointment with a Senator’s office to get support from politicians for an on-going public EMF Awareness Campaign, a disability pension for EHS sufferers and a ‘white zone’ to be established.  However with plans for 5G to wrap around the whole planet white zones will not be achievable. Donna recommends being in a ‘bluzone’, being able to use our modern-day devices while in a Blushield coherent field environment. 

"Rather than being victims of our genes, epigenetic science reveals, that by controlling our environment, we have the power to control our biology and become masters of our own fate... we are also destined to use technology to ensure our survival". Bruce Lipton, PhD,  author of Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future (And A Way to Get There from Here)

I believe Blushield to be an extraordinary technology and is our answer to the EMF dilemma, as scalar waves are rapidly revolutionising how we live today and how we will use technology in the future.


Nikola Tesla

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration

Jason Bawden-Smith

Blushield technology is the most advanced EMF protection I have found to date. I don’t make this bold claim lightly –I’ve researched, tested and assessed the efficacy of countless technologies. And I have done this before with other technologies and devices. Blushield, however, is ‘personal protective equipment’ that operates as close as we can get to minimising the adverse effects of harmful EMFs. Jason Bawden-Smith InThe Dark: New Ways To Avoid The Harmful Effects of Living In A Technologically Connected World.Jason, an Environmental Scientist, sourced and introduced technology into Australia that has reduced lead poisoning in Australia’s children and reduced the impact of excessive exploration and mining activities on the planet.

Approved by Dr Ed Harris (Dr. Hom.M)

Quite simply Blushield is the most effective solution to EMF on the planet today, I not only use the Blushield myself, I also promote them in my clinic. These words sum up Blushield! Safe, Simple, Effective and Affordable. Nowhere can you get such an effective product for so little these days and it really works! I recommend you start using Blushield today! It’s an investment in your future health!

Bruce Lipton PhD, Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future (And A Way to Get There from Here)

Rather than being victims of our genes, epigenetic science reveals, that by controlling our environment, we have the power to control our biology and become masters of our fate… we are also destined to use technology to ensure our survival.

Physicist Professor Dr Konstantin Meyl – ‘The New Tesla’ – Scalar Waves 2003

Scalar waves are able … to revolutionize both the energy technology and the information technology fundamentally. It is more than only a technology for the new century. Scalar waves are a change for the whole millennium.

Dave Asprey, Headstrong: The Bulletproof Plan to Activate Untapped Brain Energy to Work Smarter and Think Faster – in Just Two Weeks

… while our mitochondria are controlling us, it’s entirely possible to take control over them by changing the environment around us.


A simulated study has revealed electrical fields are three times stronger in a car while using a mobile device as opposed to open air. Read More: The Pattern of the Electromagnetic Field Emitted By Mobile Phones In Motor Vehicle Driving Simulators.


Vicki S. February 2020

My husband calls me the ‘Canary in the Coalmine’ as I can always detect EMF via my ears.  I have tinnitus which always gets loud when I am around EMF – worst offenders being Smart Phones and Hands Free Home Phones.  I wear my Blushield Portable wherever I go and it always, without fail, protects…
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Glenn I. July 2019

At the beginning of this year I started waking up with headaches nearly every morning. I am an avid cyclist riding approx 500 kms per week. My partner and I thought it might be dehydration however it just kept happening. We subsequently discovered our next door townhouse owner had installed a smart meter on their…
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Mark K. July 2015

Hi Donna. Just writing to let you know about my positive experience with Blushield. I bought a house plug-in and personal portable device. I have a 3yr old son who predominantly woke up each morning grumpy and irritable. It was a rare occasion for him to wake up happy. However since plugging in the house…
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Andrew L.

Dear Donna, For many years now I have been looking at ways to reduce my family’s exposure to man-made EMR. I began by Earthing myself, unplugging our WiFi router and cordless phone as well as keeping cellular data, WiFi and Bluetooth off on all of my mobile devices. I didn’t have much control over external…
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Paula K. April 2015

Luckily my Dad read your book and bought me a Gold plugin and portable unit to try. At first I found it even more difficult to sleep so I tried the Silver units designed for people hypersensitive to EMF. After a couple of weeks I no longer felt anxiety, I could sleep well again and…
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Helen’s Story – Excessive levels of EMF

Little things happened along the way to point me in the right direction. For instance, I was experiencing electrostatic shocks fairly often and in late 2004 when I stayed in a country town motel my whole body felt like it was being zapped when I laid on the bed with the electric blanket turned on.…
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K Walker

Already being convinced of their value to life, I purchased 6 Blushield Plugins for family and friends. Your writing and information on your website Donna Fisher added to my belief that they were a necessity in life – both to keep EMF at a distance and to heal from its effects over years. The results…
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Sue C. March 2015

Dear Donna, I have found the Blushield Tesla Gold plug-in a huge support for my body. I have found improved clarity of thought, lessening of symptoms on EMR exposure, increase in energy, detoxing of body and another plus is the most silky, glossy hair I have had in decades. The portable provides added support when…
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Sally T. April 2015

Prior to the seizures and side effects from the medications, Ezra was able to count up to 20 and back, and form letters and numbers like an average child of his age. All of that was lost and he became extremely reluctant to even pick up a pencil, knowing that he couldn’t do what he…
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Niesha B. March 2015

Dear Donna, I suffered from severe migraines and chronic fatigue symptoms for many years. I tried everything, from eliminating foods that could be potential triggers to buying a huge number of supplements. The headaches continued and prompted me to search for answers on the internet. I discovered information about EMF and the damaging neurological effect…
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Kristen W. May 2015

I have been sensitive to many frequencies for decades. I have suffered migraine headaches, light sensitivity, chronic fatigue, and a list of other symptoms related to environmental toxins. I have been diagnosed with Lyme disease and have spent years learning how to care for my body safely and organically. I have kept my mobile on…
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Daphne S. May 2015

At the age of 64 I moved to town and for the first in 2 years my foot became good. I lived in town for 8 years. Having a cordless phone by my bed the whole time, then adding WiFi to it and mobile phone towers around me I was becoming ill. No doctor or…
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I have had epilepsy most of my life and although no longer have major seizures I was suffering from regular partial seizures. This was like jolts in my head which were sometimes bad enough to interrupt speech. Sometimes it would happen intermittently for an hour, sometimes for many hours leaving me feeling exhausted. I always…
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LOVE this product. I had been suffering from symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome where every single day I had been half as productive as I knew I could be. Every single day I would find myself lying down and staring at the ceiling because I couldn’t concentrate enough to even read much less move (which…
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Most people do not want to change in regards to their use of wireless devices. ‘Just give me the magic needle to take my pain away, or make me fertile after years of abuse.’ So when I speak about this subject, it mostly lands on deaf ears…overload is happening. However, with the several patients that…
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Ann H. 2017

January 2017 We were very skeptical about trying the BLUSHIELD EMF protective device. I have suffered over the past 8 years with severe nerve pain in both legs as a result of multiple, extensive back operations for osteoporosis & have 4 spinal rods. This has required the use of a lot of medications: pain killers,…
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Catherine C. March 2015

However about 4 years ago my life turned upside down with the installation of smart meters, W-Fi/WiMAX in businesses and homes. I became very ill trying to access public buildings and public transport. I tried various shielding methods without much success. The WiFi/WiMax now blanketing whole area/towns and smart meters are making it even more…
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Kym Chapman Testimonial

NO MIGRAINES, NO ASTHMA I spent many years and dollars going to naturopaths, muscles/skeletal chiropractors, ear specialists etc. I had regular migraines every second Monday Night/Tuesday, a C1 that sat predominately to the left off centre, very bad balance and nausea every morning. Then I saw Donna Fisher’s book Light that Heals Energy Medicine Today…
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For some time I had been experiencing strange sensations around my eyes whenever I sat in front of my computer. It felt as if I was wearing huge heavy rimmed glasses with thousands of electrical sparks emanating from them – but I wasn’t. Being time for my yearly check-up I visited my optometrist and mentioned…
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