What is Blushield?

Blushield is an active EMF protection technology designed to protect users from the health effects of human-made electromagnetic fields that surround us constantly.

Blushield comes in a wide variety of devices to suit all lifestyles, including devices for the home, the office, the car as well as portable and wearable devices. Blushield is designed in New Zealand and has been developed over the past 25 years to be the most advanced active EMF protection available.

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Why do I need protection against EMF?

Electromagnetic frequencies, known as EMF or sometimes referred to as electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or wireless radiation are emitted from all wireless technologies including WiFi routers, cell towers, smart phones, smart meters and even electrical appliances like televisions, microwaves and power lines. As these technologies are relatively new in our environment our bodies are not experienced in responding to the frequencies they emit and therefore we respond to the incoming signal as if it were an invader, like a virus. This immune response can trigger a variety of symptoms, which can differ from person to person depending on your individual sensitivity and level of EMF exposure, but symptoms can include:

    1. nausea
    2. headaches
    3. fatigue
    4. dizziness
    5. poor sleep
    6. skin rashes
    7. heart palpitations

    People with very high sensitivity to EMF are known as electrohypersensitive (EHS) and symptoms can be very debilitating, but often difficult to diagnose. If you think your health is being affected by EMF in your environment it is worth measuring the EMF level you are exposed to and taking steps to minimise your exposure. If you are in doubt about your symptoms please consult your health professional for advice.

  • How does Blushield work?

    Blushield technology is based on natural laws and principles. The devices work by emitting millions of nature’s frequencies for a few seconds every 30 seconds. Scalar energy is found in nature and is therefore a frequency that our body has evolved with and can understand. Our body resonates with the scalar frequency. This is called sympathetic resonance.

    When the body responds to Blushield's natural scalar frequencies it can ignore or over-ride the powerful human-made electromagnetic frequencies from WiFi, cell towers, smart meters, mobile phones and all sources of EMF. This helps to protect our body at a cellular level from the negative impacts of EMF.

    Blushield is described as an active EMF protection because, unlike passive devices such as stickers and pendants, Blushield uses power via an electrical socket or a battery to actively release scalar energy to ensure it is strong enough to combat the powerful human-made EMF.

    Scalar energy is often referred to as a 'scalar wave' or a 'Tesla wave' in honour of Nikola Tesla who is famous for accidentally releasing scalar energy. This is why Blushield carries the Tesla name in its description.

    Does Blushield block EMF?

    No, Blushield does not block, shield, remove or modify EMF. WiFi signals, mobile phone signals and other smart technology is not affected the presence of Blushield.

    Blushield works by sympathetic resonance, allowing your body to tune into its natural scalar frequencies which it recognises over the human-made frequencies from smart technology thus protecting you at a cellular level even when EMFs are in your environment.

    What are the benefits of using Blushield?

    The frequencies emitted by Blushield help to protect the body from EMF and to reach a coherent balance. When there is coherence in the body you can experience:

    1. More energy
    2. Less fatigue
    3. Reduced stress
    4. Increased stamina
    5. Improved mental clarity
    6. Increased productivity
    7. Better sleep

    What are people saying about Blushield?

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    Are there any side effects of using Blushield?

    EMF puts stress on the body and when the EMF stress is removed the immune system can function more effectively. When the immune system starts working again as it should, there may be a harmless adjustment or 'detoxing' period. Most people do not notice any change at all. Some people feel more energised and might need a little less sleep for a day or two.

    Those with EHS and extreme sensitivity to EMF may experience detox symptoms for a few days, such as fatigue, headaches, itchiness, a slight metallic taste. This adjustment period is the body responding to its new environment and is a positive sign. The symptoms will cease after just a few days.

    Blushield Scientific Testing

    To date there have been four independent scientific studies into Blushield. Click here to view the testing details and the results.

    Blushield models

    There is now a Blushield model to suit most lifestyles and to keep you protected at home, at work and on-the-go.

    The Blushield plug-in is perfect for the home and covers a 90 metre diameter radius. Simply plug in the Blushield and you are protected.

    The Blushield White Portable is the ideal solution when you are away from home and need to be protected. People often complain of experiencing EHS-like symptoms when in an area of high EMFs such as a shopping centre. The Blushield portable is the size of a credit card so can easily slip into a bag or a pocket for personal protection when out and about. The portable covers a 6 metre diameter.

    The Blushield Black Portable is twice the strength of the white Portable.  With a three-metre radius area in all directions, you can place the Black Portable in your pocket or bag when out and about away from your protected zone, or when travelling.

    For larger spaces such as offices, high rise apartments and schools or for homes with very high levels of EMF e.g.: due to their proximity to mobile phone masts a Blushield cube is recommended. The cube covers up to a 180 metre diameter radius.

    The new Blushield Auto is perfect for the car and protects against high levels of EMF in your vehicle. It helps to reduce fatigue and stress on the body when travelling.

    Ideal for large commercial spaces such as offices, hospitals and factories or places with high levels of EMF, the new Blushield Ultra is the recommended solution.

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