Mark K. July 2015

Hi Donna.

Just writing to let you know about my positive experience with Blushield. I bought a house plug-in and personal portable device. I have a 3yr old son who predominantly woke up each morning grumpy and irritable. It was a rare occasion for him to wake up happy. However since plugging in the house device my son has done a complete 180 and now wakes up happy and laughing 85% of time. Even his day care centre is blown away by his constant happy persona. I’ve also noticed both my children’s skin seems to be glowing, even though it is winter. On a personal note I wear the potable device everywhere and people have commented “you are looking healthy” and other similar comments. I’m not EHS but since protecting myself I have become in tune to EMF effects. My work environment is high in radio frequency radiation. I forgot my device one day at work and I felt fatigue, tired and irritable. The difference blew me away, I thought, “wow, this is how I use to feel all the time”. So thank you for this wonderful product that works. I told a friend I’ve mine who is EHS and she ordered a Blushield and again, nothing but positive results. Cheers Mark K