The language of the Universe...

The language of the Universe is transmitted through life-promoting scalar fields, scalar waves with frequencies, signals with information, enabling life and the ability to reproduce, repair and heal. And so, it follows that humans operate using these same subtle, unseen waves, a coherent system which has been operating since the beginning for us to evolve to how we are today. The leading scalar wave physicist in the world likens the brain to a scalar wave computer as it downloads this information from Nature which the brain downstreams throughout the body. However, EMF (human-made electromagnetic waves from all things electrical, electronic and wireless) introduced by humans in the late 1880s, can alter this vital-to-life informational relationship.

Also, EMF has been shown to alter the electrical signalling which directs the important chemical messaging system (neurotransmitters) in the brain from which physical and mental disorders result, as the brain directs virtually all bodily processes. The leading EMF lecturer states it is ‘information’ that is causing the problem (similar to radio reception interference), the ability for RFR (radio frequency radiation – EMF) to interfere with cellular and sub cellular communication that is doing most of the damage. It is critical that our natural scalar, electrical and electromagnetic signals are not overridden, enabling altered instructions to govern as the brain broadcasts the perceptions of the day to every one of the body’s trillions of cells.

With Blushield EMF protection, millions of frequencies within the human responsive range are emitted for a few seconds roughly every 30 seconds, which the body latches onto, as the body will always favour fields that act in accordance with natural laws and cycles.

Being in resonance with the restorative coherent Blushield field, the body can be supported to not respond to EMF when adequately protected with Blushield products.

It is the microprocessor, a chip with a signal, circuitry, power (battery) and the use of microwaves that enables us to make and receive a call via a mobile phone from say Australia to Alaska. The mobile phone is a revolutionary device as are Blushield devices. To override the EMF information component, a device is needed which not only matches our modern-day technologies in strength but is also superior.

Blushield also has a microprocessor, a chip with millions of signals, circuitry and is powered, but uses scalar waves with beneficial information to override the undesirable information component from EMF, canceling it out.

Blushield does not cancel out, harmonise or block EMF, as if this was truly achievable, then we would not be able to use our modern-day EMF devices. Therefore Blushield does not affect the operation of EMF devices such as, wi-fi, mobile phones etc. Also, current EMF meters will not change their numbers when Blushield is being used as the information component in EMF and the information from Blushield devices are unable to be measured by current EMF meters.