Ann H. 2017

January 2017

We were very skeptical about trying the BLUSHIELD EMF protective device. I have suffered over the past 8 years with severe nerve pain in both legs as a result of multiple, extensive back operations for osteoporosis & have 4 spinal rods.

This has required the use of a lot of medications: pain killers, Lyrica, Baclofen & heat packs & hot water bottles to enable just a limited degree of relief. Night time the pain always increased & therefore sleep was very difficult.

HOWEVER THE FIRST DAY WE PLUGGED IN OUR BLUSHIELD EMF device the severe pain was GONE! I find this almost unbelieveable but it has been over 2 weeks now & there has been none of the disabling nerve pain.

I will add that unfortunately it has not eliminated the heavy “pins & needles”, neuropathy that I still have, but the BIG HORROR IS 99% GONE!

Both my daughter, who is my full time carer, & I fully recommend this product.