Catherine C. March 2015

However about 4 years ago my life turned upside down with the installation of smart meters, W-Fi/WiMAX in businesses and homes. I became very ill trying to access public buildings and public transport. I tried various shielding methods without much success. The WiFi/WiMax now blanketing whole area/towns and smart meters are making it even more difficult. So far, I have managed to resist the installation of a smart meter at the house I am staying in at present. The house also has high dirty electricity levels from neighbours devices.

My symptoms were nonstop 24/7 with no abatement as follows:
• intense head pain on crown
• dizziness
• seizures
• hair loss
• nocturnal nose bleeds
• total insomnia
• bladder spasms
• need to urinate every ½ hour around the clock
• bedwetting
• nausea and vomiting
• neuropathy
• hand tremors
• cold sweats
• pulsing thyroid gland
• heart arrhythmias
• blood pressure dangerously high
• skin itching and redness
• breast tumors reactivated and advancing
• nails growing in corkscrew formation
• agitation

All these symptoms vanished immediately having installed a BLUSHIELD ELITE (now called Blushield Tesla SILVER) house plug-in and portable device when leaving the property.

This BLUSHIELD technology is nothing short of miraculous in my experience and I can now sleep and go about my business and drive the car again. The results were instant and a real life saver.

Catherine C