For some time I had been experiencing strange sensations around my eyes whenever I sat in front of my computer. It felt as if I was wearing huge heavy rimmed glasses with thousands of electrical sparks emanating from them – but I wasn’t. Being time for my yearly check-up I visited my optometrist and mentioned my sensitivity to him. Interested but perplexed he examined my eyes and couldn’t find a problem. He said my sensitivity was caused by the EMF frequencies emanating from Wi-Fi and wireless devices such as my computer and mobile phones.

I mentioned his comments to a friends who advised I purchase a Blushield device that stops the body being responsive to EMF. My friend had done an enormous amount of research and discovered that Blushield was the best on the international market. She uses it and experiences the benefits. I purchased the Tesla Gold Plug-in device from Donna and, since plugging it in haven’t experienced the former discomfort.

I recommend you purchase one for your home and family.

Gold Coast, Queensland