Kym Chapman Testimonial


I spent many years and dollars going to naturopaths, muscles/skeletal chiropractors, ear specialists etc. I had regular migraines every second Monday Night/Tuesday, a C1 that sat predominately to the left off centre, very bad balance and nausea every morning. Then I saw Donna Fisher’s book Light that Heals Energy Medicine Today & Beyond. I thought it would be interesting but never thought it had anything to do with me. On reading it I was thinking that’s me, that’s me etc.

Even though at the time I thought the Blushield devices were expensive I had tried everything else. So I thought I needed to give it a go. I received the Blushield Cube on a Friday and plugged it in. Saturday morning I woke up and for the first time in a long time I was not nauseous. Sunday, my balance had improved a lot. I could not sleep on my left side for longer than 3 or so minutes without feeling nauseous. Then I would have to return back to my back. If I did roll over in my sleep to my side again needing to go to the toilet I had a very left lean and could not walk straight. I veered to the left for at least 2 minutes.

Within a week the ringing in my ears had lessened, the muscle under my scalp had stopped burning and the bone in my neck was starting to straighten. I was due for a migraine that Monday evening, but one did not occur and has not since. Eventually bruises and cuts were taking only 1 week to heal rather than the usual 3 weeks or more. Plus my asthma which I had since I was 11 years old had gone. Now the only time I get it is if someone/something with a really strong chemical smell will make it hard to breathe (but not an attack). I found before using the Blushield I had become very sensitive to chemicals. But now when I come in contact with a strong-smelling chemical I take 1-2 peppermint beads and can breathe easy again. I stumbled on this by accident – it beats using a ventilator though.

I also notice that a big gum out the back of my house that looked like it was half dead for 15 years – many people used to comment on the poor thing – now has come to life and is full of new leaves regularly.