Kristen W. May 2015

I have been sensitive to many frequencies for decades. I have suffered migraine headaches, light sensitivity, chronic fatigue, and a list of other symptoms related to environmental toxins. I have been diagnosed with Lyme disease and have spent years learning how to care for my body safely and organically. I have kept my mobile on airplane mode, to stop its constant sending and receiving of signals ever since reading Donna’s book, Dirty Electricity, years ago. I was never available when someone called and couldn’t stay in front of the computer, or any screen, for more than a few minutes. My headaches passing towers often keep me up at night. Now, for the first time, I can use technology without feeling physically ill. It’s miraculous!

I want to share this good news with everyone. Everyone needs to read the book Light that Heals Energy Medicine Today & Beyond. Our children need this protection. My family uses the BLUSHIELD TESLA Gold plug-in and portables. My 5 year old daughter carries the Gold mini-portable.
Even though we are extremely sensitive, we opted for the Gold because it protects from the harmful 4G that mobile phones use.

Healing from the toxicity in the environment is a journey. We love to share what we learn, especially when it helps! We eat organically, live organically, use near infrared saunas, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, use a plethora of herbs and homeopathy, meditation, acts of kindness, anything we can to heal and help the planet to heal from the onslaught of chemicals, pesticides, EMF, and the rest. For years we have been dowsing with copper rods to locate, and lessen, the geopathic stress in our home and when traveling. We have no TV screens in our home and no electronics in the bedroom. Even avoiding cell phone towers and mobile phones with utmost care, has not alleviated the stress felt in my body. I feel the Wi-Fi coming in from our neighbours.

BLUSHIELD changed my world overnight. It works, and has from the moment I started carrying it. Less than 12 hours after receiving it, I had to run around to the bank and shops, which would have exhausted me. For the first time, I felt light and energised and could keep up with my errands. Amazing! About 8 days later, I went out for the day and forgot the Gold portable. I couldn’t get back home so I went about my day. To my amazement, I wasn’t thrown back into my previous slump. Instead, the scalar has a cumulative effect that is continuing to allow my body to heal.
I couldn’t be more grateful to Donna for introducing our family to this amazing technology.
I look forward to spreading this around the globe, to create ’bluzones’ so that soon everyone is covered. It’s an act of kindness when you plug one in because you are protecting those around you too as the home plug-in has a 90 metre diameter.

I have felt passionately concerned about the mobile phone towers and WiFi that are in all elementary schools, sending signals through the cells of the next generation. Now, thank goodness, there is protection. The book Light that Heals Energy Medicine Today & Beyond is truly a must read for everyone.
Thank you Donna! Thank you BluShield! Our family is beyond grateful for the safe environment you have created with scalar that is enabling our bodies to heal. My hope is restored and my wish is for everyone to live protected.