Daphne S. May 2015

At the age of 64 I moved to town and for the first in 2 years my foot became good. I lived in town for 8 years. Having a cordless phone by my bed the whole time, then adding WiFi to it and mobile phone towers around me I was becoming ill. No doctor or specialist etc., could find anything wrong with me. They just gave up. Finally I was told I had Peripheral Neuropathy, which no treatment helped. My son was visiting regularly as he could see I was losing the battle. I had carers looking after me three times a week for two years. I was dying at that stage. I did not want to live.

Being EHS I react to everything, sleeping under a net and putting curtains up to block the microwaves. I would then react to something else. I had to purchase a wheelchair to get around the house as my foot was becoming chronically sore. I then began getting dizzy and losing my balance and feeling very ill. It got to the stage that I could not go out of the house because of the mobile phones towers and powerlines.

My son searched the internet for answers. He found a YouTube video ‘Smart Meters Health Crisis’ by Dr Klinghardt. Sending me a copy, this started to turn my life around after I watched it. I knew that radiation was causing my problems. I got rid of the cordless phone near my bed which was only about ½ metre from my head. I had a good improvement for about 6 weeks. My son had brought testing meters and we found that the house I had lived in for 46 years had a very high reading of electricity fields. I live in a transportable house away from the main house.

I had made contact with Donna again after talking with her 2 years previously. She told me about BLUSHIELD and I purchased the Tesla SILVER. I had great results with it. After about 2 months I went to the BLUSHIELD Tesla GOLD. I detoxed very badly with both of them. But now I can drive the car. I could not even sit in the back seat before. I now use the computer normally and go in the spa with it switched on.

My husband who is 86 years old has not been very well and has spent a lot of time in the house sleeping. We put the BLUSHIELD Tesla SILVER in the main house and he is now looking a lot better and coming outside, doing a few little jobs. I still have a long way to go but I have some hope now. There is no easy road back. I would like to say thank you heaps, Donna and for giving me great support as well. Thank you so much. As a closing note in regard to people like myself, I would like to say use under supervision with a health professional to understand the process of healing from EMF exposure.