I have had epilepsy most of my life and although no longer have major seizures I was suffering from regular partial seizures. This was like jolts in my head which were sometimes bad enough to interrupt speech. Sometimes it would happen intermittently for an hour, sometimes for many hours leaving me feeling exhausted. I always felt I was sensitive to EMFs.

My skin would prickle and I’d feel kind of weird if I stood in front of a microwave or when I drove past cell phone towers. I have tried various devices with no result but BlueShield looked very promising so I invested in the Gold plug-in and portable. The result has been amazing. I never went more than a few days without some kind of seizure activity.

Now it has almost totally stopped and I only have occasionally when other triggers happen such as severe stress or being exposed to flickering or flashing lights. One morning recently my head was really jerky and there had been no trigger I could think of. After a few hours I noticed the BlueShield was sitting on the kitchen bench. A visitor the day before had used the power point to plug in their phone charger and not plugged it back in. This device has made such a difference to me and I wouldn’t be without it now.

I was a bit worried I would always be replacing the battery in the portable, but I have had it for a year and a half now and frequently forget to turn it off when I come home and the original battery is still going strong.

I’m so grateful that I came across BlueShield and really appreciate all the research Earthing Oz did to be certain it lived up to its claims before they sold it.

Louise, WA