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The Dangers of Radiation: Get Blueshield EMF Protection

Many people today do not realise the dangers of EMF radiation, and only Blueshield EMF protection can override the dangers.

Harmful Drugs

History is replete with true stories about drug companies and government projects that asked people to test their new drugs. These new drugs have never been trialled before. The manufacturers assured that the drugs were “safe” with no basis whatsoever for the assurance. Most of the time, the drugs turned out to have harmful effects or caused negative side effects.

You may think these stories come out of movie scripts only, but history will tell us otherwise. Unfortunately, this scenario is somewhat happening today, not from harmful untested drugs, but from danger of a different kind.

Harmful EMFs

This new danger today is from electromagnetic frequency pollution or EMF radiation. Electromagnetic frequency is the invisible emissions from everything electronic and electrical, such as high-voltage power lines, electrical appliances and equipment, computers, wireless networks like 5G, mobile and cordless phones, cellphone towers, communications transmitters, and the like.

As wireless network companies compete to develop a wide range of EMF emitting technologies to seduce a generation of junkies in order to ensure many lucrative returns, the assumption put forward by so-called “experts from the network companies is that these technologies are safe. The technology complies with international standards, so they say. But the illusion of safety is only that: An illusion.

And sadly, compliance with so-called “international standards” is never a guarantee of safety. Often, these international standards fall short of real safety and health standards.

Questionable International Standards

In reality, much of the international standards on wireless technology safety only protects against a few effects of EMF radiation, and these are usually short-term effects. The safety standards fail to protect against long-term adverse health effects, which is typically the case if any person is exposed long-term to any sort of radiation. And this long-term radiation is the kind of radiation that emanates from EMF, from the mobile phones we use daily, the wireless internet in our homes, the mobile phone towers, and the high-voltage wires above our homes.

In short, almost every human being on this earth is somehow exposed almost full-time on a daily basis to the danger of EMF radiation.

Blushield EMF Protection

The only way to override or somehow divert EMF radiation is to use Blushield Technology from Blushield products. Blushield technology using scalar wave frequencies can stop the body from responding to hazardous EMF radiation as the unified scalar field overrides all unnatural and ambient EMF fields. The body responds to the natural frequency fields of Blushield rather than to the many artificial harmful EMFs that surround us.To learn more about EMF radiation, or to find out about Blueshield EMF protection using Blushield Technology, visit Donna Fisher EMF Girl at her website,