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Wi-Fi and 5G: Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation Can Have Solutions

Wi-Fi devices and the upcoming 5G (fifth-generation wireless) use radio frequency (RF) and electromagnetic frequency (EMF) microwave radiation, the same type of wireless radiation emitted by mobile phones and phone towers to transmit information. Many studies (mostly denied by wireless providers) have found harmful effects from radiation such as:

  • Reduced immune system.
  • Deceased sperm activity or the potential to cause infertility.
  • DNA fragmentation or damage.
  • Oxidative stress due to the increase of free radicals.
  • Negative effects on the nervous system.
  • Changes to heart-rate variability.
  • Variation to brain activity and brainwave patterns.

Laptops and Tablets

All laptops use wireless technology that exposes users to EMF and RF radiation. Exposure is highest when information is transmitted to or from the laptop. As a precaution, laptops should never be placed on the body and should be used with a wired internet connection. There are other EMF protection solutions available for users to choose from.  

Tablets only send and receive using wireless internet so users are always exposed to wireless radiation. Again, exposure is highest when information is transmitted. With that being said, tablets should be used at a certain distance from the body.

Children and EMF Radiation

Children are more vulnerable to RF and EMF radiation because their brains and bodies are still developing, which means they can absorb more radiation than adults. Since the implementation of Wi-Fi technology from 1G to 4G, many are yet to know the impact of long-term exposure, and it could be decades before anyone does, even with the eventual rollout of 5G. Many people, however are already reporting health problems in connection to exposure to RF and EMF radiation.


One of the solutions you can implement is to switch to a wired internet connection that emits very little radiation.

Another great solution is to use active EMF protection provided by Blushield powered by microprocessor technology.

When you use any Blushield product, frequencies within the human body begin responding to what is called “sympathetic resonance” for a few seconds every half a minute to keep the body in a coherent field that keeps it balanced and responsive. This is because the cells in our body only respond to natural frequencies since humankind did not evolve with man-made EMF fields or radio frequencies.

Blushield provides the best EMF protection against radiation that can affect the body’s cells and DNA by generating scalar fields. Check out a couple of their heavy-duty models.

Tesla Gold Ultra

The Gold Series Ultra is ideal for commercial office spaces, factories, and hospitals. It protects an area of up to 90 meters in every direction, especially if the sector is saturated with high microwave radiation or is near a mobile phone tower or massed 5G antennae.

Tesla Gold Cube

The Gold Series Cube is designed more for large areas in schools, offices, and homes. It can also cover an area of 90 meters in every direction and is recommended for sectors 1 km. away from towers or 5G antennae relays.

For more information on EMF radiation or to enquire about Blushield products, visit Donna Fisher at her website, https://donnafisher.net/.