Blushield EMF
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Electromagnetic frequency, or EMF, also called electromagnetic radiation, is a form of energy that releases photons all around us. The electromagnetic spectrum determines what type of electromagnetic frequency is being released and the degree of energy or radiation.

The electromagnetic spectrum measures the energy released by a specific wavelength or frequency and the amount of energy it releases. For instance, radio waves from radio towers release very little EMF energy or radiation, even if it travels long distances to reach radios. Microwaves from ovens, mobile phones, cellphone towers, computers, Wi-Fi routers, etc., give off EMF that is a little bit stronger but is more constant and repetitive. Gamma-ray radiation is the strongest since its energy comes from nuclear explosions or exposure to nuclear wastes.

Unfortunately, according to a study conducted in 2011 at Lyons, France, by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (a branch of the World Health Organisation – WHO), Wi-Fi and other EMF emitting technology have become classified as a 2B carcinogen.

A 2B carcinogenic classification by the IARC means that it is possibly carcinogenic to humans. Carcinogenicity was sufficiently found to be in evidence in animals and cultured laboratory human cells, enough to warrant the fact that EMF may cause numerous adverse health effects on humans continuously exposed to EMF.

Blushield Technology Can Respond to Hazardous EMF

Blushield is a pulse/pause cycling scalar field that will not burden the body with a continually pulsing frequency similar to what is caused by electromagnetic frequency. Blushield EMF is a field that is in harmony with the human body’s natural cycles and rhythms. The natural pulse/pause frequency cycle of Blushield is a pulsation of about 3 seconds, followed by a pause of about 30 seconds.

Blushield’s psychologically and physiologically balanced natural field restores the environment so the body does not respond to EMF, allowing the body instead to absorb only natural frequencies that will not harm the natural balance of human cells.

Blushield has been verified by an independent laboratory that confirmed the Blushield EMF effectiveness using live blood analysis and darkfield microscopy. The study reflected healthier blood cells and a normalised immune system response due to the scalar field’s ability to block off EMF that could have otherwise damaged the blood cells and other cells in the immune system.

To learn more about how Blushield EMF technology can be a catalyst that can neutralise hazardous EMF at the cellular level as well as enquiring about the different Blushield products, visit the website of Donna Fisher at