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As 5G is Rolled Out in Australia, Is Its EMF Radiation Safe?

By the end of 2019, 5G, a faster mobile network, will be operating in all major capital cities and regional areas in Australia.

5G is the fifth generation of mobile network technology, and it promises to be more advanced and a lot faster than 4G mobile broadband was when it rolled out in 2011. However, as the total rollout draws near, it has become a focal point for some concerned groups about the adverse health effects of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation. 

Many individuals and concerned groups are already airing their views and research in online forums and articles about 5G causing cancer, nosebleeds, birth defects, and cell damage. These people are urging for some form of EMF protection Australia.

Yes, 5G Can be Scary in Its Capacity

This new technology is much faster than any existing network, reaching speeds of up to 3Gbps. That’s 60 times faster than 4G. The faster speed isn’t just to offer faster internet speeds, but will also facilitate transfers of massive amounts of data using less time, which is needed for operating driverless cars, virtual reality, and the like.

The faster speed is achieved by using higher bandwidth and frequencies of electromagnetic waves. This means that all forms of wireless technology and devices connected to the 5G network will be pulsating with large amounts of non-ionising radiation.

Non-ionising radiation was initially thought not to cause cancer and other health concerns. This is because it doesn’t have enough energy to break DNA, or so people thought.

All wireless technologies and microwave communications emit degrees of radio-frequency electromagnetic field radiation, as well as some electrical currents. Their emission range can reach up to 300GHz.

Triggering EMFs Action Mechanism

The difference between ionizing radiation and non-ionising radiation: Ionised radiation such as gamma rays has a direct mechanism of action by detaching the negative ion or electron from the human cell structure, while non-ionised radiation does not separate electrons. However, non-ionised radiation’s mechanism of action is indirect because it increases free radicals in the body by interfering with repair mechanisms that neutralize free radicals.

Free radicals are carcinogenic, which means, RF and EMF radiation must also be labeled as carcinogenic because they interfere with the ability of the body to repair free radical damage. As a result, free radicals can run amok inside the body, causing various adverse health effects, including cell mutations and dysfunctions that contribute to the creation of cancer cells.

This alone is enough for a call to action for EMF protection Australia.

The Body Didn’t Evolve in Artificial EMF

Numerous studies have already found that EMF radiation can damage or cause mutations in DNA, and these mutations are what triggers the development of cancers.

DNA is like an electrical “fractal antennae” that receives or transmits electromagnetic frequency radiation. While cells are constructed to respond to natural electromagnetic frequencies, they are not structured to respond to man-made frequencies that constantly pulsates. Studies have shown that non-ionised radiation can cause single- and double-DNA strand breaks. This only goes to show that some form of EMF protection Australia is needed.

Donna Fisher is a well-known author of four books about EMF, as well as numerous articles about the dangers of radiation from EMF and RF. For more information about EMF radiation, 5G, and products that can prevent radiation exposure, visit her website, https://donnafisher.net/. You can also contact Donna Fisher through the website.