EMF protection Australia
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No matter where you are located, whether in the city or the outback, it seems that you’re always plugged-in. This is because everyone is surrounded by technology. And with technology comes emissions called EMFs, which can have a harmful effect on human health. Since we can’t switch off all this technology because our work and daily lives are dependent on them, we can always get EMF protection Australia products and integrate healthier habits into our daily lives to balance the effects of exposure.

Technology: Useful or Addictive

Undoubtedly, technology has made the world (and humans) more digitally connected and productive. Unfortunately, this accessibility to technology has also made humans too dependent and addicted to technology. And this addiction to technology comes at a cost that many people aren’t aware of.

The cost of tech addiction is called EMF, or electromagnetic frequency, which also translates to microwave radiation or EMF radiation. Smartphones, Wi-Fi, electronic devices, and even electricity grids emit EMF radiation and have a negative impact on the human body.

Unfortunately, based on countless studies about the effects of EMF, the human body reacts negatively to EMF radiation, becoming the cause of many adverse health effects ranging from migraines and fatigue to cell mutations, weakened immune system, and cancer. This is because EMF radiation has affected the body’s natural signals called scalar wave energy.

Doing Something about EMF Exposure

Reducing exposure to harmful EMF can be achieved with simple adjustments, such as:

  • Turning off Wi-Fi at home when not in use, or switching to wired cable or ethernet plugs.
  • Removing all devices from your room (and children’s room) and switching to battery-powered or manual alarm clocks.
  • Reducing the number of smart devices on or around the body, such as smartwatches, step counters, electric toothbrushes, Bluetooth headphones, and the like.
  • Unplugging all Bluetooth in the car; vehicles act as large amplifiers for EMFs.
  • Using speakerphone or Airtube – Stereo earphones (such as those from Blushield)
  • Starting using Blushield technology to stop the body from responding to EMF.

Tesla Scalar Energy

Blushield technology uses Tesla scalar energy so the body may resonate with its coherent field rather than the artificial EMFs surrounding us daily. Blushield mimics the natural subtle energy field of scalar energy, but on a more powerful level, so the body absorbs this field, negating the effects of hazardous EMF radiation.

To learn more about scalar waves, Tesla energy fields, and EMF protection Australia products from Blushield, visit their website at https://donnafisher.net/.