emf radiation
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Mobile phone technology and the internet is so user-friendly that even children as young as three years old can start using smartphones. Parents allow this because it keeps their children busy while the adults can do other things. Unfortunately, many parents still don’t know that mobile phones emit electromagnetic frequency or EMF radiation that can have negative health effects on adults and even worse for children.

Risks to Children

Since 2009, one of the significant dangers sounded off about mobile phone radiation is brain tumours. However, EMF radiation has already been proven by many studies to be the cause of blood-brain barrier breaching, DNA damages and mutations, interruption of cell cycles and communications, changes to enzymes, hormonal imbalances, changes to the central nervous system, and impairment of the immune system.

Children are obviously more vulnerable to EMF radiation from mobile phones because their cells are still actively growing and dividing. Their nervous system is still developing up to their teen years, and their brains will continue to develop until the age of 25. Consider also that children’s skulls are thinner and offer less protection, therefore, their brains absorb more EMF radiation than adults.

Unfortunately, the generations of children that grew up with mobile phones have been exposed to EMF radiation their whole lives, compared to the generations that only started to use mobile phones in adulthood. Add to this the fact that EMF radiation can have a cumulative effect on children that can manifest only when they become adults.

Corporate Resistance

It is also unfortunate that many studies linking EMF radiation to brain tumours and other adverse health effects face growing resistance from no less than the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association. Likewise, wireless internet companies either downplay or ridicule these same studies because they fear public scrutiny before the full rollout of 5G technology. According to these groups, all mobile phones and services, as well as wireless technology, continue to comply with international standards. However, they fail to show the public just what these so-called “international standards” are.

But, with almost 4,000 EMF radiation studies conducted in different countries, many of these studies report that these so-called “international standards” that apply to mobile phones don’t truly guarantee safety because the standards only protect against a limited number of short-term effects due to tissue heating from the radiation. There is no protection protocol set for long-term or non-heating effects, these being the real culprits of adverse health effects.

Blushield Technology

There is a way to protect against harmful EMF radiation from mobile phones by using Blushield technology that uses scalar energy coherent fields that form clean “blue zones” which EMF signals cannot penetrate. Blushield offers different room and portable devices as well as discounted packages for variation sets for plug-ins, cubes, ultra, and portable models. For more details on Blushield devices and protection against harmful EMF radiation, visit https://donnafisher.net/.