low-frequency radiation
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Electric and Magnetic Fields

EMF’s or Electric and Magnetic Fields (sometimes shortened to electro-magnetic fields) are invisible areas of energy. EMF is a sort of low-frequency radiation that emanates from the use of electrical power and other forms of human-made gadgets. Based on their frequency, EMF’s are usually grouped into two categories:

  • Non-ionising

Low to mid-frequency radiation that is generally perceived as harmless if exposed to just one or two sources, due to its lack of potency. Common forms of non-ionising radiation are ELF (Extremely Low Frequency), RF (Radio Frequency), and microwaves. Common sources include MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans, power lines, Bluetooth devices, mobile cell phones, wireless (Wi-Fi) networks, computers, microwave ovens, and many others.

  • Ionising

Mid to high-frequency radiation that can lead to cellular and DNA damage with prolonged exposure. Examples and sources include ultraviolet (UV), X-rays, gamma radiation, and sunlight. Another true common source made popular by modern literature is radioactive nuclear waste and nuclear explosions.

Exposure to EMFs

During the 1990s, EMF research attempted to determine if prolonged exposure to EMF was harmful to human health. The research focused on exposure stemming from conventional power lines and substations, or home appliances. Understandably, research during this period was not conclusive even if a weak link was found between EMF exposure and leukaemia and certain cancers like brain and breast cancer.

But today, the increased use of cellular phones, wireless routers, internet of things, and other devices that emanate EMF renders the 1990’s research moot, raising the need for proper EMF protection. Mounting evidence from research starting around 2007 continues to build throughout the medical communities regarding the harmful health effects of EMF exposure.

Constant and layered exposure to the compounding EMF radiation that surrounds us may seriously be compromising our health.

EMF Protection

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