5G Ultimate B1 Cube – Moderate to High EMF

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B1 Ultimate Cube

All Blushield EMF Protection devices are the only technology in the world that addresses what is really doing the damage from EMF – the ‘information’ component.

As one of the three leading world EMF experts, Professor Magda Havas stated in 2019, it is the ‘information interference’ from EMF that is doing most of the damage at the most important cellular and sub-cellular communication level.  Passive devices such as shielding, curtains, plates, stickers, clothes etc cannot protect us from the damaging information interference.  Faraday Cages can block radio waves and microwaves, however the detrimental information field still goes through. If you use electricity or electronics or wireless the information field problem will always exist.

To be able to override and cancel out this detrimental information component a technology must be powered. Fortunately Blushield technology, being a scalar wave technology, can even go through a Faraday Cage and override and cancel out the ‘information’ component doing most of the damage which is the long-term, undesirable and life-threatening biological effects on our brain and body.

In 1899 when Nikola Tesla released a scalar wave, he was to understand, which was later validated by physicists, that there is (in layman’s terms) a scalar information component on every radio wave, microwave and millimetre wave.  It has been known for decades that this is the problem.  To counter this life-destructive information component from powered humanmade EMF, Blushield places us in a coherent field where not only are we protected from the real danger from EMF but also our body can repair and heal with life-supporting information.

Coverage –  The Ultimate B1 Cube has an area up to 90 metres in all directions  (180 metre diameter sphere).  The Ultimate B1 Cube is half the strength of the Ultimate Ultra U2. Protection Strength – Level 8.

Recommendation – We are all exposed to EMF and the Ultimate B1 Cube is recommended as a minimum for homes today. To keep you in a coherent field, the U1 Ultimate Portable, T1 Portable or W1 Watch is recommended when you are out & about and away from your protected home and work ‘bluzone’.

Profile – The Ultimate B1 Cube comes in a high quality carbon blue duralium alloy, crafted into a timeless creation that will last for years to come. Four international plug types are included in the package – AUS, US, EU, UK.

Operation – Operation is very simple. Plug the power supply into a dedicated wall socket mains outlet and keep it on 24/7/365. Do not use this model in wet areas or touch the power pins after removing the socket as there is risk of minor electric shock.