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Dr-Ed-HarrisApproved by Dr Ed Harris (Dr. Hom.M).
“Quite simply Blushield is the most effective solution to EMF on the planet today, I not only use the Blushield myself, I also promote them in my clinic. These words sum up Blushield! Safe, Simple, Effective and Affordable. Nowhere can you get such an effective product for so little these days and it really works! I recommend you start using Blushield today! It’s an investment in your future health!”.


RECOMMENDATION: Eliminate as much EMF as possible in your life. Purchase the Blushield that suits your needs knowing that a portable is ONLY for out & about. A plugin is necessary for home and workplaces as these EMF signals are millions of times stronger than the body’s natural signals and we are now constantly exposed all day and all night. TO REPEAT  You need to be in the field of a plug-in or cube for most of the time.  Buying a portable only will not protect you enough 24/7 as it is only for out and about when you are out of the stronger field of the plug-in.

DISCLAIMER: No medical claims or advice, promises of results, or anything insinuating a ‘treatment; or ‘cure’ is being represented by the manufacturer.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

BLUSHIELD Instructions

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