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A Class Action Lawsuit is in the process of being filed on behalf of the citizens of Australia. It addresses those entities within Government and industry seen to be failing in their duty to protect the public from harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by consumer products and related infrastructure.

The intent is not to curtail useful technology, but rather prompt a comprehensive overhaul of outdated EMR safety standards so as to incorporate the full gamut of scientific evidence, as well as the true meaning of the internationally mandated "precautionary principle". A significant part of this process involves community education and empowerment.

It is our good fortune that Barrister Ray Broomhall, of the prestigious Justice Michael Kirby Chambers in Tasmania, has agreed to take up this cause. He will be conducting a series of face-to-face briefings with the newly formed Environment and Communities Safe from Radiation Assn. Inc. (ECSFR), and members of the public who wish to attend. Assisting will be a medical doctor, radiation scientists, and team of compensation and human rights lawyers.

Specific legal procedures will be presented to enable concerned organisations and individuals to prevail over the commercial self-interest of electro-technology corporations and their Government regulators.

This type of action is particularly timely due to the planned 5G network that will attempt to enforce installation of many thousands of microwave transmitters throughout populated areas. Here are the details of the first scheduled meeting:

EMF Class Action


March 2017 Wi-Fi in schools

Many concerned parents in the last 18 months have been trying to get me an appointment with the school principal, P & C associations and childcare centres directors to no avail for Wi-Fi to be taken out, or restrictive use which still is not happening.

So I asked Nexus Magazine which is usually 20 years ahead on issues of concern if I could write an article to help all parents, not just a few.

I got so carried away it is now two articles now available at NEXUS MAGAZINE titled The EMF Plague Part 1 in the February/March edition and The EMF Plague Part 11 in the April/May issue 2017.

It condenses the EMF issue for the public and authorities and confirms why everyone should be concerned about EMF in our lives and why we should eliminate exposure to EMF as much as possible.

January 2015

Light that HealsLight that Heals is finally released and the response from readers is fantastic.  Thank you.

Their kind comments that, every household, workplace and school should have the book encourage me to research further.  People have already been and tried one of the most amazing technologies I have ever witnessed and are thankful that I included it as they also were stunned it exists. If you are impressed by other cutting-edge technologies, please email me with the information so I can provide the information in my blogs. The other side to this issue of EMF is that many now realise that hazardous EMF is contributing to their ill-health.  One father advised me his ten year old daughter has heart palpitations when exposed to Wi-Fi and is concerned that her school has just installed a $70,000 Wi-Fi system.

What are they going to do?  As I hear this a lot I suggested that I could talk to the parent's committee of the school about limiting the exposure by only having Wi-Fi on for short periods of time, if they really must have it at all. 

In Israel in 2014, Grades 1 and 2 have exposure limited to one hour per day. Israel has banned Wi-Fi in childcare centres and kindergartens and France in 2014 also has banned Wi-Fi in childcare centres. 

It takes years for these measures to be introduced after the authorities have sifted through all the research of which there are thousands of studies.  Of course I would like to see them all have BLUSHIELD TESLA GOLD plug-ins. 

One school in Australia already has one installed. For the young girl I suggested a TESLA GOLD mini portable which she can either have in her pocket or put in a soft velvet pouch and safety pin it on to her clothes.  I always encourage lessening exposure also as much possible. 

Take care and be aware.

LIGHT that HEALS Energy Medicine Today & Beyond

After 14 years of research and writing, the much-awaited book LIGHT that HEALS Energy Medicine Today & Beyond is now released. Being ever curious and committed to help people find a way out of physical and emotional pain and suffering, I was to find that there are numerous devices and technologies around the world available to help people. Drug- free, while being pain free.

As we go further into the future, the legends of Atlantis will become more of a reality, when we live in a world where our lighting will be glowing crystals and our pain and suffering is alleviated by wands of light. Light devices will replace scalpels, acupuncture needles will be replaced by needles of light, chemotherapy will be replaced by phototherapy and prescription drugs by prescription colors. As we continue to utilize and advance light therapies cancer may be a disease of the past.

On this amazing journey of knowledge and wisdom, I travelled to many countries and witnessed incredible healings from those working with light and energy around the world. In the USA, I was advised my personal energetic imprint was taken on a technology based on NASA research. The benefit of this imprint is if I develop a health challenge in the future, my energetic signature can be assessed and a vibrational medicine sent to me. In Australia, I entered a specially designed chamber where I was in a therapeutic energy field space. I also sat with a Russian device which, like defragging a computer, was bringing my body back to its original blueprint. The concept of reprogramming the human matrix is no longer magical thinking.

Understand that EMF when uncontrolled can harm yet when controlled can heal. Get ready to experience a book where futuristic dreams in healing are a reality today. Introducing the revolutionary non-toxic 'light' technology treating serious and fatal cancers.


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I have an international following and am also involved in promoting my books and, with the help of my dedicated team I offer practical solutions for EMF protection.