ASHTARA Testimonial

For some time I had been experiencing strange sensations around my eyes whenever I sat in front of my computer. It felt as if I was wearing huge heavy rimmed glasses with thousands of electrical sparks emanating from them – but I wasn’t. Being time for my yearly check-up I visited my optometrist and mentioned my sensitivity to him. Interested but perplexed he examined my eyes and couldn’t find a problem. He said my sensitivity was caused by the EMF frequencies emanating from Wi-Fi and wireless devices such as my computer and mobile phones.

I mentioned his comments to a friends who advised I purchase a Blushield device that stops the body being responsive to EMF. My friend had done an enormous amount of research and discovered that Blushield was the best on the international market. She uses it and experiences the benefits. I purchased the Tesla Gold Plug-in device from Donna and, since plugging it in haven’t experienced the former discomfort.

I recommend you purchase one for your home and family.

Gold Coast, Queensland

Kym Chapman Testimonial


I spent many years and dollars going to naturopaths, muscles/skeletal chiropractors, ear specialists etc. I had regular migraines every second Monday Night/Tuesday, a C1 that sat predominately to the left off centre, very bad balance and nausea every morning. Then I saw Donna Fisher’s book Light that Heals Energy Medicine Today & Beyond. I thought it would be interesting but never thought it had anything to do with me. On reading it I was thinking that’s me, that’s me etc.

Even though at the time I thought the Blushield devices were expensive I had tried everything else. So I thought I needed to give it a go. I received the Blushield Cube on a Friday and plugged it in. Saturday morning I woke up and for the first time in a long time I was not nauseous. Sunday, my balance had improved a lot. I could not sleep on my left side for longer than 3 or so minutes without feeling nauseous. Then I would have to return back to my back. If I did roll over in my sleep to my side again needing to go to the toilet I had a very left lean and could not walk straight. I veered to the left for at least 2 minutes.

Within a week the ringing in my ears had lessened, the muscle under my scalp had stopped burning and the bone in my neck was starting to straighten. I was due for a migraine that Monday evening, but one did not occur and has not since. Eventually bruises and cuts were taking only 1 week to heal rather than the usual 3 weeks or more. Plus my asthma which I had since I was 11 years old had gone. Now the only time I get it is if someone/something with a really strong chemical smell will make it hard to breathe (but not an attack). I found before using the Blushield I had become very sensitive to chemicals. But now when I come in contact with a strong-smelling chemical I take 1-2 peppermint beads and can breathe easy again. I stumbled on this by accident – it beats using a ventilator though.

I also notice that a big gum out the back of my house that looked like it was half dead for 15 years – many people used to comment on the poor thing – now has come to life and is full of new leaves regularly.

Catherine C Testimonial March 2015

Dear Donna,

Since 1973 I have been very electro-sensitive following daily radiation treatment for three months.

Until recently I could control my environment from EMR, being viligant where I lived – position of my house meter box, no fluorescent lighting, mobile phone, microwave oven, plasma TV, hairdryer and no air travel.

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Ann H Testimonial - 2017

January 2017

We were very skeptical about trying the BLUSHIELD EMF protective device.  I have suffered over the past 8 years with severe nerve pain in both legs as a result of multiple, extensive back operations for osteoporosis & have 4 spinal rods.

This has required the use of a lot of medications: pain killers, Lyrica, Baclofen & heat packs & hot water bottles to enable just a limited degree of relief.  Night time the pain always increased & therefore sleep was very difficult.

HOWEVER THE FIRST DAY WE PLUGGED IN OUR BLUSHIELD EMF device the severe pain was GONE!  I find this almost unbelieveable but it has been over 2 weeks now & there has been none of the disabling nerve pain.

I will add that unfortunately it has not eliminated the heavy “pins & needles”, neuropathy that I still have, but the BIG HORROR IS 99% GONE!

Both my daughter, who is my full time carer, & I fully recommend this product.

Acupuncturist Testimonial

Most people do not want to change in regards to their use of wireless devices. 'Just give me the magic needle to take my pain away, or make me fertile after years of abuse.' So when I speak about this subject, it mostly lands on deaf ears…overload is happening. However, with the several patients that bought the Blushield products, it’s like witnessing a domino effect of better health. Pulses changes for the better, complexion is improved and much more emotional stability. Less addiction tendencies, it’s almost as if they have had successful therapy and realized the change."

R.M.D., Dipl. Acu. (Diploma of Acupuncture)

Julia testimonial

LOVE this product.  I had been suffering from symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome where every single day I had been half as productive as I knew I could be.  Every single day I would find myself lying down and staring at the ceiling because I couldn’t concentrate enough to even read much less move (which I know was off because I am an English Lit. major and I work on editing books. Reading is my second nature). After plugging in the Blushield almost immediately I was able to have entire days of productivity. NO time was spend lying down or ‘napping’.

Julia Williams, Sophia Johnson Library, Columbia, USA June 2017

Louise Testimonial

I have had epilepsy most of my life and although no longer have major seizures I was suffering from regular partial seizures. This was like jolts in my head which were sometimes bad enough to interrupt speech. Sometimes it would happen intermittently for an hour, sometimes for many hours leaving me feeling exhausted. I always felt I was sensitive to EMFs.

My skin would prickle and I’d feel kind of weird if I stood in front of a microwave or when I drove past cell phone towers. I have tried various devices with no result but BlueShield looked very promising so I invested in the Gold plug-in and portable. The result has been amazing. I never went more than a few days without some kind of seizure activity.

Now it has almost totally stopped and I only have occasionally when other triggers happen such as severe stress or being exposed to flickering or flashing lights. One morning recently my head was really jerky and there had been no trigger I could think of. After a few hours I noticed the BlueShield was sitting on the kitchen bench. A visitor the day before had used the power point to plug in their phone charger and not plugged it back in. This device has made such a difference to me and I wouldn’t be without it now.

I was a bit worried I would always be replacing the battery in the portable, but I have had it for a year and a half now and frequently forget to turn it off when I come home and the original battery is still going strong.

I’m so grateful that I came across BlueShield and really appreciate all the research Earthing Oz did to be certain it lived up to its claims before they sold it.

Louise, WA


Daphne S Testimonial May 2015

Dear Donna,

For the first 18 years of my life I lived without electricity, keeping very well most of the time.  The power was connected to the house when I married at the age of 18 years.  However, living in this house I never felt good, always feeling tired.  I developed thyroid problems at the age of 42 years.  At the age of 50 years I got very ill with a bug in the stomach, then Irritable Bowel Syndrome which I was very ill with for 7 years.  At the age of 57 years I began getting a sore left foot which would come and go at first.  I had treatment for it and was told it was a spur on the foot that never ever ‘got really right’.  I still have soreness in that foot, making it 15 years.

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Kristen W Testimonial May 2015

Dear Donna,

I am so excited by this new energy and vitality I am enjoying!  BluShield has shed new light on our world!  I am so grateful to have met Donna, a woman whom I've admired for years, for her research on dirty electricity and EMF. When I contacted her, she introduced me BLUSHIELD. It is a BLESSING! I have been using BLUSHIELD for 4 weeks and the layers of healing I've been experiencing keep multiplying!

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Niesha B Testimonial March 2015

Dear Donna,

I suffered from severe migraines and chronic fatigue symptoms for many years. I tried everything, from eliminating foods that could be potential triggers to buying a huge number of supplements. The headaches continued and prompted me to search for answers on the internet. I discovered information about EMF and the damaging neurological effect of being in front a computer for excessive periods of time. Within two weeks of purchasing a Tesla GOLD Plug-In Home Protection device I stop suffering from migraines and I am happy to say I now enjoy every day without feeling any cranial pressure and I have abundant energy!

Sally T Testimonial April 2015

Dear Donna,

Hi, my name is Sally Thompson and I’d like to share with you both my and my son’s experiences with the BLUSHIELD Tesla Gold plug-ins and portables.

To give you some background, my son who turns 8 years old next month has had a very tumultuous few years with his health. Ezra began having seizures when he was 3 years old. Some days he had up to 40 per day and 5 different medications failed to stop them. This went on for over 3.5 years. The combination of the seizures and medications all but wiped his short term memory and he was diagnosed with global developmental delays. (It is very hard to learn with no short term memory)!

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Sue C Testimonial March 2015

Dear Donna,

I have found the Blushield Tesla Gold plug-in a huge support for my body. I have found improved clarity of thought, lessening of symptoms on EMR exposure, increase in energy, detoxing of body and another plus is the most silky, glossy hair I have had in decades. The portable provides added support when out in traffic and exposure in shops, car, etc.  Donna, you need to get someone to do some vegetable trials, my plants are loving the Blushield.  I have purchased one for each of my children I am so impressed.

K Walker Testimonial

Already being convinced of their value to life, I purchased 6 Blushield Plugins for family and friends. Your writing and information on your website Donna Fisher added to my belief that they were a necessity in life - both to keep EMF at a distance and to heal from its effects over years. The results have been remarkable. Both I and my wife, along with a 57 year old son, had a sudden increase in energy - and maintained it - along with changes to facial complexion that we can barely believe. This is despite my wife's situation living with Cardiomyopathy and being 79. I am 82 and appreciate my good health.

I would recommend Blushield products to anyone. In the long run they are worth the investment in health. Most people don't have this knowledge. We are fortunate.

K Walker

Helen’s Story – Excessive levels of EMF

Dear Donna,

…Newly married in 2002, my husband and I moved into an old Victorian home in Flemington. We lead a healthy lifestyle, we’re vegetarian, don’t drink or smoke, and my background includes studies in very alternative health fields, so it was puz¬zling to me when I began experiencing strange symptoms.

At first I couldn’t understand the constant fatigue I was experiencing but I put it down to wedding preparations and coming off shift work after 10 years. I would try and have a nap on a Saturday afternoon but would not fall into a deep sleep, rather a half-awake, half-asleep, dream-type state. In 2004, I began to study building biology although not to solve my problems because I had not yet twigged to the cause, which was ironic. After learning a little about EMF, a subject that I did not begin until late 2005 I kept the information in the back of my mind.

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Paula K Testimonial April 2015

Dear Donna,

Thank you so much for sending me the Tesla Gold plugin and portable. Remarkably, I am no longer debilitated by EMF!

For most of my life I have avoided computers, phones, fluorescent lighting, long car journeys and shopping centres as much as possible. Such EMF exposure made me nauseous, dizzy, anxious and after being on my mobile I’d experience an itchy rash down the arm holding the phone. After the smart metres were installed I also started experiencing insomnia for the first time in my life, feeling extreme anxiety before bed after watching TV, worsened if my husband was also on his Iphone.

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Andrew L Testimonial

Dear Donna,

'Independent non-industry funded scientists are warning the world that over-exposure to EMF is the biggest public health crisis our planet and its inhabitants have ever faced. There are thousands of peer-reviewed, published scientific papers documenting the biological damage that EMF causes, including damage to DNA. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years on all kinds of EMF protection devices, none of which have eased my EMF symptoms. I used to experience fatigue, headaches and even impaired cognitive function when I was around WiFi or in places with high EMF. After an initial adjustment period of about 2 weeks as my body detoxed and off-loaded the accumulated EMF effects in this new BluShield environment, all my EMF symptoms have totally disappeared since using my BluShield plug in and portable devices! This technology really is revolutionary. It's a game changer because it actually works! Not only are EMF symptoms relieved, BluShield protects all living things at the cellular level from the biological damage that EMF causes. I can now go into areas of high EMF and not be affected at all. It's amazing! It truly works and I am personally feeling stronger, more energetic, more focused, aligned and much happier. I have been so inspired by the personal benefits I have experienced by using BluShield that I am now spreading the word to as many people as possible. BluShield is THE solution to EMF. As a matter of urgency, I encourage you to protect yourself, your children and your loved ones from EMF with BluShield and tell everyone you know.'

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Anand W Testimonial

Dear Donna,

For many years now I have been looking at ways to reduce my family’s exposure to man-made EMR. I began by Earthing myself, unplugging our WiFi router and cordless phone as well as keeping cellular data, WiFi and Bluetooth off on all of my mobile devices. I didn't have much control over external EMR sources (i.e. mobile phone towers, neighbours WiFi, etc), however, I could still significantly reduce radiation inside the house. I then began using Cellsafe mobile phone cases and Airtube headphones to further reduce my exposure. In the early days this seemed a good enough strategy.

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Mark K Testimonial July 2015

Hi Donna.

Just writing to let you know about my positive experience with Blushield. I bought a house plug-in and personal portable device. I have a 3yr old son who predominantly woke up each morning grumpy and irritable. It was a rare occasion for him to wake up happy. However since plugging in the house device my son has done a complete 180 and now wakes up happy and laughing 85% of time. Even his day care centre is blown away by his constant happy persona. I've also noticed both my children’s skin seems to be glowing, even though it is winter. On a personal note I wear the potable device everywhere and people have commented "you are looking healthy" and other similar comments. I'm not EHS but since protecting myself I have become in tune to EMF effects. My work environment is high in radio frequency radiation. I forgot my device one day at work and I felt fatigue, tired and irritable.  The difference blew me away, I thought, "wow, this is how I use to feel all the time". So thank you for this wonderful product that works. I told a friend I've mine who is EHS and she ordered a Blushield and again, nothing but positive results.  Cheers Mark K