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What is 5G?

5G has nothing to do with mobile networks, and 5G Wi-Fi is a misleading term. The ‘5G’ term used by mobile networks stands for “5th ...
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Getting the Right Protection Against Electromagnetic Frequency

Electromagnetic frequency or EMF is a kind of radiation energy that is emitted from different wave frequencies such as radio waves, microwaves, etc. Radiation emissions ...
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The Possible Health Effects from Electromagnetic Frequency

What is Electromagnetic Frequency? Electromagnetic Frequency or EMF is sometimes called Electromagnetic Field. All EMF emit different levels of electromagnetic radiation. Radiation is actually a ...
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Eliminate EMF as much as possible from your life to gain a clearer picture of your health

EMF is taking us out prematurely… If you have any of these conditions, EMF exposure is a major contributing factor. Take immediate and aggressive steps ...
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The Real Secret to Life

Because behaviour is created through the interaction of proteins with their complementary signals, there are really only two sources of dis-ease: either the proteins are ...
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